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  1. I think they need to run it up the middle with bailey walker. Look at that line and they try to throw the ball.
  2. look are you sure we were at the same game ? Not trying to take anything from Raceland or Greenup but that comment is way off base. If you ask me Raceland Greenup and Russell are all even this year. Turn overs will decide who wins with all three teams when they play each other. You will have another game just like this one when you play Russell. But anyway it was a good hard hitting game and good luck to both team from here on out. :thumb:
  3. Ive watched alot of football and have seen both teams play more than once. If raceland over looks this greenup team they are in for a long night. I will say they are more even playing teams than most people think. It all will come down to turn overs. Who will turn the ball over the most. Who wins this game is hard one for me to pick. It will be a fun one to watch...
  4. How long has Andy Dalton had. I would trade Cleveland. Same ole same ole. Year end Year out and ready for a change.
  5. I would take Johnny over Andy Dalton any day. Now there is someone that should be fired for signing a new contract on Dalton. All I want for christmass is a quarterback in Cincinnati....
  6. Does that mean Greenup now plays Highlands in 1st round playoff games.
  7. Solid ice on the roads in Greenup ky
  8. What asst. coaches will go with Coach Maynard if any.
  9. Congradulations to Coach Maynard if this rumor is true. Only he knows whats best for his family. He has always been a hard nose coach that puts his hart into game.
  10. No....And I cant see why you would start thread like this.
  11. Good luck Rams.... Also look at the post number. Its an omen.
  12. Wow that does not surprize me one bit. Heck raceland clould have beat them in 2006 when they were state champs. 1a is alot better teams than 3a. It was turning into a JV game for raceland anyway. I think raceland should go for Ironton.
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