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Russell 19 Belfry 0


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Hard fought game by two good teams. Congrats to Belfry on a great season.


Great defense by the Devils with a very (balanced offense). Nice job Russell :devil:!!! Good luck in the State Championship!! Bring home title # 3.:thumb:

Excellent defensive scheme by the Defensive Cord. The substitution with the Soph.( I apologize for not remembering his name) who made a key INT worked to perfection.

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These two teams were very even. The defenses traded big play after big play, several 3 and outs on both sides of the ball.


Russell made the things happen that they needed to. The did their damage through the air as they weren't able to move the ball effectively on the ground, neither was Belfry.


The differences in the game was this, as I see it.


1. Turnovers. Belfry made two big ones at very bad times.

2. #56 for Russell, big, big night on defense. He was a disruptive force.

3. Belfry players lost their cool and had I think 3 unsportsmanlike penalties at key moments. This is very, very uncharacteristic for Belfry and it hurt us tonight. No need to name names, it was out of character and I don't want to point fingers.

4. Russell QB made several good throws when it counted.

5. Dropped passes. Belfry receivers dropped a few, one that was a BIG one.

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Clark caught several passes when it counted, but didn't have a real big night on the ground. I was concerned about him in the 2nd half, though. He wasn't quite the same back as he was earlier on, looked like he didn't have the legs. I thought he might have had an injury of some kind, maybe a hamstring pull or bruise.


Hope I'm wrong and if I am right, I hope he is healed up and 100% by next Friday.

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