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  1. Belfry in the 15th region. Shelby Valley has been the odds on favorite all season, but the Pirates are smoking hot right now and playing excellent team ball. Belfry has already knocked off the pre-season favorite Paintsville and during the regular season defeated 57th and 58th district champions Magoffin County and Allen Central. The Pirates lost only once in the regular season to a 15th region opponent, Pikeville, when star player Jaime Case was playing.
  2. For those from around the state who may not know about this game, this was a matchup between arguably 2 of the top 3 teams in the region. Belfry is red-hot right now led by Jaime Case who in my opinion is the no brainer choice for 15th Region Player of the Year. Belfry has won 10 straight games since Case returned from a two game suspension, and during Case's absence the Pirates lost twice to teams that they later avenged by defeating by 20+ points. Case scored 26 tonight before fouling out with 3 minutes to go, Dustin May was a monster tonight scoring 20+ points, 10+ rebounds, andquite a few blocked shots. With Case out May stepped up and made numerous clutch free throws. Painstville, which si heavily junior laden, was lead by JD VanHoose with 23.
  3. Until Middlesboro makes some changes defensively they have NO SHOT at advancing past the regional finals. Middlesboro was the most athletic team in 2A last season but, I really felt that their line play was a weakness, and their defense was just plain awful. Belfry really exploited these factors. I personally think that Hoskins isn't the biggest loss from last season, Casey Earls is going to be very hard to replace on both sides of the ball. That kid played with a ton of passion. Adams will be a playmaker wherever he winds up, and Farr has alot of speed at receiver. I see the Jackets winning 6 or 7 games and making a fairly quick exit in the playoffs.
  4. Gerald Epling of Belfry is the epitome of a "Football Player". "G" characterizes playing with heart and plays five times bigger than his stature. I am assuming he was recruited to play DB. He, along with Corey Chapman, were the heart and soul of last season's Belfry team that advanced to the 2A State Semi-Finals. Epling was vital on both sides of the ball. He ran for just short of 1,000 yards and was the Pirate's top pass catcher last season. Defense, though, is where Epling shined. He has a nose for the football and consistently came up with numerous big interceptions, hits, and fumble recoveries while being arguably the best DB on a Pirate defense that ranked statistically as one of the best against pass in the state of Kentucky. -MVP of the 2006 Pike County Bowl victory over 1A State Champion Newport Central Catholic. - WYMT All-Mountain Team Selection - 90 carries, 808 yards, 13 TD, 3 Receiving TD, 4 INT
  5. Totally agree... I also think G Epling is going to be tough to replace. Not only did both of these guys combine for over 2000 all purpose yards on offense, they were Belfry's top pass catchers, very solid DB's, played with a real passion for the game, and were true Senior leaders. When looking at the upcoming Belfry team the two outstanding question marks are "Who is going to be the halfbacks?" and "How will the secondary be after replacing three starters?"... both are directly related with the graduation of Epling and Chapman.
  6. For me I can only go by who I have seen in person. Justin Miller of Owensboro is the fastest football player I have seen. He was a big play threat every posession on both sides of the ball and special teams. No question in my mind he was the fastest. John Logan of LexCath was unbelievably fast as well, but Logan had numerous shortcomings in other categories. Ben Revere has excellent high school speed but he isn't even the fastest in LexCath history, let alone the state. David Jones of Belfry IMO may be the fastest player to ever come from a school East of I-75. Jones officially was timed in the Low 4.4's and also was once Laser timed at a 4.38. To get an idea of his speed look at the AA Championship vs. Owensboro Catholic when Jones who is completely away from the play chases down an O'Cath receiver after being about 25-30 yards behind him when the catch is made. That Bryan Station team that set all the rushing records had a very fast QB, Haskins or Hoskins? Jeremy Britt to me was more QUICK then FAST... he may very well be the quickest back I have ever seen.
  7. If this has been previously posted today I apologize. But, for those who are not aware the tiny community of Eastern in Floyd County has been garnering quite a bit of Regional and National Media attention over the Allen Central mascot (Rebels) and subsequent posting of the confederate flag. The controversy was first brought to light when tiny David School apparently boycotted playing Allen Central, as their head coach Ned Pillarsdorf accused AC fans of taunting one of his African American players last year while shooting a free throw. Subsequently, following events resulted in an Allen Central cheerleader being listed by Keith Olberman as the "#3 Worst Person in the World" for comments made during an interview, mention on both ESPN and ESPN the Magazine, numerous press conferences and BOE releases, support from the NAACP for Pillarsdorf, and numerous controversies over political positions in the county including former employees. Today was supposed to be the day that the two teams met as the Floyd County BOE determined the boycott to be unjust. The Lexington Herald Leader ran a front page article which outlined the events today and featured Pillarsdorf commenting on how he wished the game could be snowed out or cancelled..... it also brought to light that the young man who was said to have been harassed had actually never shot a free throw in the contest per the official scorebook, and now the latest... As of this morning the game between David and AC was cancelled per request of the David administration. Allen Central had offered to play the game WITHOUT spectators, but David declined and it had appeared to be the result of supporting Pillarsdorf's quest.... but at a press conference the David administration surprisingly took a stance seemingly AGAINST Pillarsdorf. The report stated that the David administration had NEVER voted to boycott the game as Pillarsdorf had suggested, that the players did in fact want to play against AC, and even moreso pinpointing Pillarsdorf as "the catalyst of the controversy". It now appears that the entire controversy that has brought so much limelight onto Allen Central is the fabrication of numerous lies by Pillarsdorf, who represents a Christian school who's significant importance to the Floyd County area has been masked. :eek: This still does not make the use of the Rebel flag at AC right by any means, and furthermore it can't undo the media coverage (some of which such as the Keith Olberman attack on a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, is grossly unjust), but at least this should pave the way for Pillarsdorf to face the music. BTW, he was not in attendance at the press conference today.
  8. Valley lives and dies by the cutting to the basket. A good disciplined defensive team can very easily shut Valley down. Defensively they do a really good job with their 3/4 Court 2-2-1, but if you can break their pressure and avoid backtips they are generally not very good in transitioning to a zone defense.
  9. Coach Campbell is a class act and a fine coach. I had the privelage of being coached by both Campbell and Randy Casey while at Belfry. Campbel really cares about his players and has put Phelps' program back in good shape by doing it the right way.
  10. Pike Central has a very impressive gym. Belfry's new gym is very nice,,, but it isn't the equivalent in basketball as CAM stadium is in football. The Expo Center is an awesome place for games, especially the regional tourney. BUT, from my playing days I still say that my favorite place is Mason County! GREAT atmosphere.
  11. Breakaway speed definately will be Belfry's Achilles' Heel as already stated. Belfry is going to put together a sound backfield and may very well have the best all around player in 3A in Dustin May. To ensure success the Pirate's defense will have to continue to play like it did last season. Big questions to me are: 1. First and Foremost, who will be the backfield? We know May and Lee will probably be in there in a wishbone..but who steps up as the other halfback? 2. Defensive Backfield- The only spot the Pirates are hit by graduation as they lose a pair of 2A's best DB's in Chapman and Epling, as well as Kohari. 3. The Development of Andrew Elkins and his targets- The kid really has potential to become an outstanding QB. He also returns basically every receiving option aside from Epling and Chapman who were HB's. I think that if this kid can really focus on bulking up and Belfry can establish a true SE to throw to they can easily run a Veer Option type of offense like West Virginia University. 4. Expectations of Winning- The Pirates are now two years removed from their state title and the swagger of being a chmapion isn't quite there like it used to be. I think Belfry is a legit top contender for the state title alongside Russell and Louisville Central, but they have to get that swagger back.
  12. I attended the Classic this weekend and here's what i thought: - Excellent venue for basketball and the best bargain in the state seeing 6 games for 7 bucks! -Low crowd turnout.. not enough hype -Would have been better if you took your local teams: ER, Belfry, Pikeville, and took your exotic teams; Glenn NC, Poly CA, Ballard, Central, Clay OH, and set it up as a tournament. - Very impressed with June Buchanon in the first game. -Belfry looked pretty good against Sheldon Clark - ER vs. madison Southern was a snorefest, neither impressed me - Ballard dominated Poly with their defensive intensity. Can't see Ballard as a state title contender, but they have alot of team speed and fill the lanes well. - Wasn't impressed with Pikeville or Clay. - Louisvlle Central looked good against a weaker team. 1. Ballard 2. Poly 3. Central 4. JBS 5. Belfry 6. Pikeville 7. Portsmouth Clay 8. Madison Southern 9. Glenn 10. Sheldon Clark 11. Magoffin County 12. East Ridge
  13. This is not true. The "town" of Belfry has a fire station, a gas station, zero red lights, and that's about it... no newspaper. The closest newspaper for Belfry is in Williamson, WV and they do not have a vote for the KY AP polls... the Appalachian News-Express in Pikeville covers Belfry but there is not newspaper just for that community.
  14. Is there still a Mingo Christian as well or did it go under?
  15. Too bad Johnson Central had such a great season so that they can't send running backs down US 23 to Blackcat Country like before.. I am sure there are some relieved Pburg fans to not have to see "Belfry" on the schedule with that infamous star indicating it is a district game.
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