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  1. The Trinity kicker had no problem drilling kick after kick into the endzone (both directions) with the same Rawlings footballs, on the same day. If the coach wanted to elimate a long return, then a line drive is not the answer. The answer is a touchback or a high kick.
  2. Does anyone know what channel, day and time these games will be replayed? Louisville and Lexington area? Thank you.:bunny:
  3. What do you love about the T vs X game? Scores and predictions aside, what is it about this game? Have any fav memories that has noting to do with who won or the score? Talgating stories, first time thoughts on your first game? Lets here them.
  4. Tigers look ready good luck to both teams next week.
  5. Old school thinking. So sad. Don't knock it unless you kicked before in the SEC.
  6. HENRY521, Look at my previous post, e-mail if you have questions.
  7. FYI. Scouts are college coaches on a bye week. One bye week a year (roughly), and oh yeah they have other things to do as a coach, like prepare for the next game. I think there is a common misconception that colleges have scouts on payroll and all they do it scout. The scouts are coaches. That's why colleges have the senior camps in the summer, so 100's can vist them instead of traveling 100's of times. If you are a junior now, start making plans in Jan or Feb of 09 to make your rounds to these senior camps in the summer of 09. Look at senior camps at the college website of your school you want to visit, then call or e-mail the coaches of your posistion to introduce yourself or kid so that they might , might keep an eye out for them. (All phone numbers and e-mails of coaches are on the football web-site or University's web-site. Trust me on this, they are there, dig and find!!!!!
  8. Have to remember all D1-A players are All-State players in thier H.S. state. Many good players get over looked by colleges. You have to market yourself. If it's that important to you or your kid, why leave it in the hands of others, after all if you are not doing the marketing for your kid, why will others??? H.S coaches get paid to win H.S. games not to send players to the next level!!
  9. Thanks for this update, I was wondering about this match up!
  10. Good luck to Scott, not many schools are willing to travel to T and lose pretty much year in and out. Very good team once again and it does not hurt to practice with the champs.
  11. Good luck to him, hope he gets a college to pay for his schooling.
  12. Just don't se it happening. But I do see them making the finals again.
  13. WAY to early to say. Who's to know if the Rocks main two guys go down with season injuries? I never wish that on anybody, but it's part of the game and no matter how deep the depth, no two players on the team nor state like those two. Anything can happen.
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