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  1. Yes, Male is 528 yards south of the loop.:walk:
  2. All four schools are inside the Watterson Expressway loop so the geography isn't that crazy. X, H and M have been in the same athletic district for a long long time.
  3. I would say the Defense, or lack thereof, has been way more disappointing than the QB play. Season isn't over yet. Is X still running a 3-4 scheme? Seems not to be working well and I don't believe they can't find 11 guys who can tackle and cover.
  4. Mr. Quick is a nightmare to defend, as is Trinity's offense in general. Triple team and then Dawkins goes bananas. I must say, I would prefer to play tight bump coverage on Quick and force Travis to throw the ball the downfield, or at least show that coverage once in a while and disguise what we're really doing which is praying that the snap is fumbled.
  5. Gotta love AL's confidence...he's anticipating so much Male scoring that X fans will be annoyed with his constant outbursts of support. I think you will be fine sitting wherever you please.
  6. No way Jose. This game will be a beatdown, worse than regular season.
  7. Not to be petty, but could the school board have maybe gotten a little more original with the naming of the new school? The two largest public schools in Nelson County both have "Nelson" as their main moniker. Just saying.
  8. You might have better luck asking St.X, I recall they let Central practice there to prepare for playoffs when their field was saturated.
  9. Many of us like to see in-state kids play for our favorite in-state college. If that is "foolishness", my apologies. I never like to act or speak "foolishly". In any event, I'm happy for Dawson--he's an absolute beast. I saw him singlehandledly beat Trinity in a freshmen game out at Butler a few years ago. But, had he chosen to play at UK or UL (even with offers from schools like USC on the table) I don't agree that such a decison would have been "foolish". USC is not ranked in the top 25. USC also produced OJ Simpson (murderer) and more recently Reggie Bush (cheater). Lane Kiffin, loyalty? Making a college selection involves consideraton of more than just a school's football tradition. Former Trinity star linebacker Jordan Whiting accepted a scholarship at Ohio State. He's now a redshirt sophmore playing special teams mostly. Ohio State is now embroiled in an ongoing NCAA investigation and lost their head coach. Whiting is a good student and Ohio State may have been the best academic fit for him. Some kids desire immediate playing time beyond special teams. These kids put a lot of time and effort into football, some get frustrated when they don't get an opportunity to play early.
  10. I disagree. I think you are underestimating Coach Strong's recruiting ability. The program is down, but it wasn't too many years ago that they had a legitimate shot at playing for a national championship. Kids that have grown up in Louisville and been a lifelong fan might want to be a part of the resurgence of UL football. Coach has shown this year a willingness to play a lot of true freshmen. If Quick and Hatcher want an opportunity to play immediately UL might be a good fit. If they want to go to say Oklahmoma and redshirt and maybe not play much until their 3rd year, then a school like Oklahoma might be a good fit. I really don't think homesickness has much to do with the decision these two will make.
  11. That's an oversimplification of Trinity's offense and Wright's talent. I'm not convinced he's a major D1 playey, maybe a mid-major. I think he's lacking some arm strength to get the ball down field, and when he does go down field it looks like he's using max effort. As to the screen pass, the real question is why couldn't X defend it better than they did. When T went trips with Quick lined up inside I think everyone in the stadium knew where the ball was going. It looked like X was in man coverage underneath and our linebackers, ends and safteys were slow to come help our DB who was getting cracked.
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