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  1. They will not provide a phone line game would have to be broadcast over cell phones and Male has to give permission
  2. Bob Beatty is a winner he has proven it time and time again....T scored three times in the last 30 seconds 2 were called back on penalties. Bob called timeout to settle his team down and told them to run the same play we just ran - it was a running play. . Get over it see ya Friday
  3. 1. Bishop scored his 6th TD in the 4th and set a School Record. 2. Run a fake FG - I don't care - just don't gesture the opposing sideline afterward 3. Broom, Umbrella, Hat tip=Donkey
  4. Buehner was the MVP IMO. CONGRATS to the Tigers - well deserved - the most confident I have ever seen the Tigers - as far as the tip of the hat - Glaser can't help himself - classless move
  5. The St. X vs Trinity game will be broadcast on 94.7 FM and on the web at http://www.thsrock.net/?q=node/901 Game to Start at 7:00pm Central - 8:00pm Eastern
  6. Ballard's students were WAY out of line- Students yelling derogatory remarks about the QB and his father - when is the Ballard Admin goin to get control of their students and teach them some discipline? TOTALLY OUT OF LINE.
  7. I heard Buehner will be back in a couple of weeks - in time for playoffs - GOOD!!!!
  8. There have been 100's of St. X players who's sons played at Trinity
  9. Trinity by 4 - Game will be broadcast on 970AM WGTK
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