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  1. Congrats to my ROCKS! Hitting on all cylinders! I feel bad for the Greenwave players... just totally over matched. I loved the atmosphere and the MC fans. We had a great time in Brandenburg. Be proud of your team MC! For my ROCKS... one more win to make it 23 titles. Also, congrats to our coaches for putting together an awesome game plan.
  2. I'm looking forward to the road trip to Meade County. I feel Trinity will win this game. Coach Beatty has an incredible coaching staff and career playoff record. T's run defense is very strong and focused. Meade 's wing T run, run and run some more offense will be to predictable. No balance run/pass offense won't hold up. I do feel T will be in a dog fight for the first half and the tide could change if turnovers favor the Greenwave. GO ROCKS! Let's play the game!!!
  3. Congrats to my ROCKS! Defense was awesome! Offense was sluggish. Did enough to win!! I hope St. X quarterback, Houck is OK! Great kid! It's tough to beat Beatty's ROCKS twice in the same season. Road trip to Greenwave country will be fun! Bring home #23!
  4. Great win for the ROCKS tonight. 35-2--32 over a Cocoa Fla. team that was loaded with speed. Rocks showed heart with the way they fought back in the second half to take command of the game. Ryan Young did a wonderful job taking over the offense in the second half. The freshman quarterback, Larry Haper struggled at times with a few Sophomore decisions that stymied drives in the first half. He will be a great T quarterback for the future. Young will be the starter moving forward. The atmosphere was incredible tonight!! Defense made great adjustments in the second half. To hold the 53rd ranked team in the country to 6 points in the second half was special. FYI! Brooks is a beast at running back!! Also, Cocoa's band was awesome too!!
  5. JV Game: Trinity 14 - St. X 0. Freshman Game: Trinity: 28 - St. X 7. Varsity Game: Trinity 29 - St. X 17. Trinity 71 - St.X 24
  6. Congrats to James! He is a great player and person. #17 jersey will be retired next year.
  7. Congrats to our Rocks for bringing home #22. To much fire power for PRP to overcome. I think the chippiness of the PRP players was a direct result of frustration from NOT being able to move the ball without a broken play or penalty. Lots of cheap shots by the Ridge all game long. It all started with the first incomplete pass to James Quick. Bad mistake. PRP's crowd and student section was awesome. Great support and great pride for there community. The true difference in this game was Trinity's team speed, discipline and coaching. Good luck to the Panthers moving forward. For the ROCKS, next year will be very exciting! Lots of talent coming upk! RELOAD! Also, it was great spending time with “The Guru” on the sidelines!!!
  8. LOL! What could they hide! Really! Can I borrow a pair of those yellow glasses?
  9. With no disrespect to the Crimsons - Running clock - Rocks win 54-7
  10. What a silly actuation!! Let's put flags on each player! Really!!! Have you ever played football? That is proper technique for a open field tackle on the edge. It's unfortunate Charles also went low. I hope this fine young man will be OK. He has a lot of talent. About the game... went as I expected. Close early and rout later. Defense shut down the predictable Tiger offense. Rocks offense is just to complicated to read for the Tiger defense. Congrats to the Freshman and JV Rocks for there convincing wins earlier in the week. Should I say sw....p. Never mind! GO ROCKS! Win #22
  11. Not true! Pink uniforms will be for the Male game.
  12. Nice win tonight! Same X game plan. Run, Run and Run some more. Trinity... spread the field and beat you with speed. ROCKS WIN! I don't see the tide turning after this year...
  13. Rocks win in a closer than expected game... 28 - 13. Rival games bring out the best in both teams. Second half will be the difference for the Rocks. Should be a great game! Glaser tour Part 1 will have a sad outcome on Poplar Level Road. Overall series will be tied. See you in the playoffs.
  14. I was at the game and both team s looked good at times. First game mistakes kept game even for a while. Bluebird QB had some nice passes and a few good QB keepers. Also, the highland kickoff return guy had great moves and frustrated the Rock covarage team. Rocks have some really good players on both sides of the ball, RB # 32, Jailen Reed 5’9 180 ran the ball really well. QB, #16 Jacob Woosley made good decisions. Defensive end, #45 Conner Foos 6’3 210 and linebackers, #13 Vince Lococco 5’11 180 and #52 Damon Lowe 5’10 195 were in a lot of plays. This freshman Rock team has a lot of size, speed and talent. The future looks good.
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