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  1. I found out the shortened quarter to 12 minutes was the Miami/Savannah State game. The coaches agreed to shorten it when the score was 77-7 Miami.
  2. SportsCenter was screwed up. Below is the 4th quarter stat sheet from the stat crew. Note that it shows a 15:00 clock and a series starting at 13:52. Play-by-Play Summary (4th quarter) FIU vs #7 LOUISVILLE (Sep 21, 2013 at Louisville, KY) 3-14 FIU 21 Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00. 3-14 FIU 21 SPEARMAN, Silas rush SR for 5 yards to the FIU26 (KELSEY, Keith). 4-9 FIU 26 AYERS, Chris punt 26 yards to the LOU48, DeLACRUZ, Kai return 3 yards to the FIU49 (WHITE, Cory). 3 plays, 1 yard, 2:43 LOUISVILLE drive start at 13:52. 1-10 FIU 49 GARDNER, Will sideline pass complete to HARRIS, M. for 1 yard to the FIU48 (HARVEY, Randy). 2-9 FIU 48 GARDNER, Will middle pass complete to DeLACRUZ, Kai for 20 yards to the FIU28, 1ST DOWN P15 LOU (DAVIS, Jordan). 1-10 FIU 28 DYER, Michael rush over left tackle for 6 yards to the FIU22 (DAVIS, Jordan;VINCENT, Caleb). 2-4 FIU 22 GARDNER, Will CU pass complete to MILTON, Matt for 6 yards to the FIU16, 1ST DOWN LOU P16 (GERVAIS, Sam). 1-10 FIU 16 GARDNER, Will crossing pass complete to PIKE, Zeke for 4 yards to the FIU12 (HARVEY, Randy). 2-6 FIU 12 RADCLIFF, B. rush right for 1 yard to the FIU11 (GERVAIS, Sam). 3-5 FIU 11 GARDNER, Will sideline pass complete to HARRIS, M. for 11 yards to the FIU0, 1ST DOWN P17 LOU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:32. 1-G FIU 03 NAKATANI, M. kick attempt good. LOUISVILLE 65, FIU 0 7 plays, 49 yards, 4:20 APPLEBY, Joshua kickoff 65 yards to the FIU0, touchback. FIU drive start at 09:32. 1-10 FIU 25 HILLIARD, E.J. sacked for loss of 5 yards to the FIU20 (RANKINS, S.). 2-15 FIU 20 SPEARMAN, Silas rush up middle for no gain to the FIU20 (DUBOSE, B.J.). 3-15 FIU 20 SPEARMAN, Silas rush up middle for loss of 1 yard to the FIU19 (DUBOSE, B.J.). 4-16 FIU 19 TAYLOR, Austin punt 42 yards to the LOU39, PENALTY FIU kick catching interference (HARVEY, Randy) 15 yards to the FIU46, 1st and 10, LOU ball on FIU46. 3 plays, minus 6 yards, 2:40 LOUISVILLE drive start at 06:52, LOU ball on FIU46. 1-10 FIU 46 RADCLIFF, B. rush right for 7 yards to the FIU39 (VINCENT, Caleb). 2-3 FIU 39 RADCLIFF, B. rush right for 9 yards to the FIU30, 1ST DOWN LOU (VINCENT, Caleb). R18 1-10 FIU 30 RADCLIFF, B. rush right for 8 yards to the FIU22 (DAVIS, Jordan). 2-2 FIU 22 Timeout LOUISVILLE, clock 04:43. 2-2 FIU 22 RADCLIFF, B. rush up middle for 2 yards to the FIU20, 1ST DOWN LOU (KOHT, Lars). R19 1-10 FIU 20 RADCLIFF, B. rush right for 8 yards to the FIU12 (GERVAIS, Sam). 2-2 FIU 12 RADCLIFF, B. rush for 3 yards to the FIU9, 1ST DOWN LOU (DAVIS, Jordan;HAZZIEZ, D.). R20 1-G FIU 09 RADCLIFF, B. rush over left guard for 9 yards to the FIU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 02:49. 1-G FIU 03 NAKATANI, M. kick attempt good. LOUISVILLE 72, FIU 0 7 plays, 46 yards, 4:03 APPLEBY, Joshua kickoff 65 yards to the FIU0, touchback. FIU drive start at 02:49. 1-10 FIU 25 RANDOLPH, A. rush up middle for 2 yards to the FIU27 (AHNER, Gabe;AHNER, Aaron). 2-8 FIU 27 PENALTY FIU false start (SINEACE, Edens) 5 yards to the FIU22. 2-13 FIU 22 RANDOLPH, A. rush up middle for 6 yards to the FIU28 (JOHNSON, Andrew;ATKINS, Lamar). 3-7 FIU 28 RANDOLPH, A. rush for loss of 3 yards to the FIU25 (ROGERS, Deon;ATKINS, Lamar). End of game, clock 00:00. 3 plays, 0 yards, 2:49 FINAL SCORE: LOUISVILLE 72, FIU 0 Time 1st Downs Conversions Quarter Summary Score Poss R P X T 3rd 4th Rushing Passing Penalties FIU 0 06:37 0 0 0 0 0-3 0-0 7-4 0-0-0-0 2-20 LOUISVILLE 14 08:23 3 3 0 6 1-1 0-0 9-53 5-5-0-42 0-0
  3. There is nothing in the NCAA rulebook about a running clock being allowed (like the rule we have in high school). That said, if both coaches agree, the officials can use trickeration, interpretation, and improvisation to "speed up the game". The fourth quarter was 15 minutes, not 12. I call BS on this bunk about the FIU coach denying that he asked for a "mercy rule", this sounds a lot like the C-USA Supervisor of Officials trying to protect his crew. My point is, why would a coach tell the refs that he is going to "run the ball" in the second half? I mean, being a football game, isn't that kind of what you do to advance the ball and try to score points?
  4. Game on Monday night is at 7PM, not 8PM.
  5. Heard tonight that T's radio crew will not be able to broadcast next week from Male. Reasons?
  6. Why won't Male let Trinity broadcast on the radio at next weeks game?
  7. Who forgot the batteries for this thing????
  8. When you have some time (because you are obviously stuck on football) I would suggest you check out Trinity's priorities on academic endeavors and see how well they do with those, both locally and nationally. T does just as well with those as they do with sports, if not better.
  9. I totally agree. Stats turns out phenomenal work because he loves to do it and wants to get a job in a college athletic department as soon as possible. He has a Masters from EKU in Sports Administration and has been providing information on Trinity programs since he was a freshman there about 10 years ago. I'll never forget a T-X football game several years back where he turned out an approximate 150 page package of game notes and Tony Cruise was talking about it on his show and couldn't get over the knowledge and depth that was included. Stats could walk into a D-3 athletic department right now and just take over. By the way, he's never been paid a red cent for doing all of this. Just another example of the Trinity family and how much alumni give back to the school.
  10. I remember a T lead of 40-35 but I thought that was in the jv game. I don't recall the lead in the varsity game going below 8 or 9.
  11. Tony Driver is an excellent example brought up by an earlier poster. Larry, aren't you going to answer the question? :confused:
  12. From where I was sitting I didn't think it was a late hit. Our player was on him just as he released the ball. There was no way he could have pulled up.
  13. Sorry Colonel, I didn't realize that...my apologies, kind sir!
  14. We were focusing on T-X Pride Week last week. You've got our full attention now.
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