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  1. They just get sweeter from our 1st One in 1968!! Right Shamrock69!! GO ROCKS!!
  2. Major difference with Brad West in the second game!! Total domination on the O-Line and D-Line!! MVPS!! GO ROCKS!!
  3. I watched part of the game and find Indiana to be very deserving of a bowl game this year. However... that fake punt on 4th down led to a Penn State touchdown 2 plays later. You just can't do that in an away game playing a ranked opponent.
  4. I know this is a very late reply to the WIFI complaints, but I just got on while listening to the Rocks roll. When we have gone to UK games this year, we go on the Rupp Arena WIFI and log in with our email addresses and reception is fine. It is unsecured though.
  5. Bert, I remember when the Louisville Colonels were affiliated with the Milwaukee Braves until 1962 [Lee May and Tommie Aaron (Hank's brother)] and when they affiliated with the Boston Red Sox in 1968. I also saw the Kentucky Colonels win their ABA Championship in Freedom Hall.
  6. Watching Johnny Unitas and the newly crowned champion Colts play an exhibition game with my Dad; Trinity Rocks winning their FIRST State Football Championship my senior year in 1968; Louisville Colonels baseball; Trinity v X games; and, of course, the unbelievable Trinity v Male 59 to 56 championship game.
  7. If Geremiah Smith broke his collarbone in the Ballard game, how can the Rocks be at full strength? Miracle recovery?
  8. Won't need to compare opponents. Trinity plays Male at home in 2 weeks.
  9. Thanks for the updates, THS2011!! GO ROCKS!!
  10. Thoughts and prayers for Coach and his family.
  11. Very worried watching during 1st half. One pick and fg from being down 31 to 7. Moeller looked very strong and skilled. Rocks stormed back and looked very good in 2nd half. They couldn't contain Rondale Moore. Go Rocks!!
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