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  1. Does anyone have an update about the Hazard player that left the field in a ambulance. The docs on the sideline said it was a neck injury.
  2. They are being played at the EXPO. I don't really know or understand that the connection with ER. I think the games start around noon and last until about 8 PM or so.
  3. I only route against Belfry once a year too... How odd is that?
  4. For those of you that haven't seen basketball played in the Expo Center you should make a trek to Pikeville. Its not Rupp by any means, but pretty NICE.
  5. Does any have any info about this tourney at the East KY Expo on December 9th? Here is graphic from the Expo website, but there is no information posted.
  6. Does any one have an update on the Hazard player that was taken to hospital?
  7. It was a great game to watch... The Eagles really faught hard after the half.
  8. I competely agree.. I just think its was a stupid mistake on the paper's part.
  9. Wow... why can't it be a simple, non-thought out mistake by the business side of the paper as explained by TSH? Instead of a complex scheme to divide the community and Pikeville High School? Do you have any pictures of the other shooter on the grassy knoll that shot JFK?
  10. I say it will be much closer. Pikeville 24 Somerset 20
  11. Pikeville is also playing too QBs now.. It adds a whole new list of options to the offense.
  12. The coach was furious because the kid didnt' have his tution paid when he was spouse too and had been praticing all summer. I don't buy that people go to Pikeville that live outside the city limits and dont' pay tution. I am know too many valuable Pikeville athletes past and presnt that have to pay. Its hard for some of test families to come up with the money. Untill I get names. No way....
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