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  1. we still have Charles Walker, we will be fine.
  2. just regular rubber or screw in cleats.
  3. Did most of the d-line play a jv schedule or did they not get time down there due to juniors?
  4. Yes it is but the speed at Male is not what it was.
  5. Kiss up, can Tyler fake handoffs for the wing t?
  6. I hope he tossed out the wing t in his down time from coaching. :thumb:
  7. I hear it is looking less and less likely now, some money issues.
  8. he has had a winning record all 3 years and came in second in district 2 of 3. He was at Male back in the day with redmon and Ted Boehm is the principal at Male and he hired him at FC. May not happen but may.. ......:ylsuper:
  9. Are You Serious? The day after the game when I got on here the 1st post seen is Trinity Team of the Decade. That's not gloating or anything? X has eaten plenty of humble pie the last 5 years.
  10. We really dont considering the clean sweep in all major fall sports.
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