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  1. Sanders and Cantwell did not apply. Adam Billings has been named head coach at North Bullitt.
  2. No big names that I've heard of. One interesting rumor going around in the county is that Tye Lawson would apply even though he just got the head coaching job at Bullitt Central?? Now that would be big!
  3. North Bullitt HS will once again host the State Push-Pull Power Meet on Saturday, March 14, 2015. The meet will consist of Bench Press and Dead Lift. We had over 300 lifters last year. Please contact Justin Abnee if interested at: justin.abnee@bullitt.kyschools.us
  4. In the semi's, South Oldham beat North Bullitt and DeSales beat Bullitt Central.
  5. Spread to run the ball with the constant threat of passing game. James threw for just over 1200 yds last year and ran for over 700 after being moved to QB in 3rd game when the change to spread began.
  6. North Bullitt will continue with the change-over to No Huddle Shotgun given the ability of a very good runner/passer at QB in Jr. Logan James. Sr. Dalton Casey is a threat running, receiving and passing when needed. Casey is a special player on both sides of the ball. Sophomore Nate Johnson will have an expanded role after gaining a lot of varsity experience last season. Improvement on the offensive line will dictate how successful the team will be offensively.
  7. North Bullitt HS hosted the State Push / Pull Power Meet on March 8. North Bullitt won it for the 2nd straight year, beating, among others, both St.X and Trinity. This was a Bench / Dead Lift meet.
  8. North Bullitt returns starting RB's Jr Mitchell Allen, Sr Josh Exton, Sr Brett McGlothin, and Sr Jack Barnett. Exton rushed for 1,000+ yds and Allen rushed for 500+ despite being injured much of the year. All started multiple games last year. Two good QB's return as well in Jr Dalton Casey and Soph Logan James. Look for Mitchell Allen to have a breakout year!
  9. North Bullitt HS won the State Push / Pull Power meet today defeating, among others, both Trinity and St. X!
  10. It certainly doesn't work when you get pulled over! Is it not the job of the A.D. to make the coach aware?? It would seem to be a situation where a coach might ask, "Do you think it is okay for . . . . "
  11. Yeah, I think he was a player at HC when the Reidinger guy got let go the last time they were sanctioned. Claiming ignorance of the rules is bogus.
  12. What he is saying is that Mr. Tackett does not give a flying flip about these types of allegations and wishes they were never reported so he wouldn't have to deal with them.
  13. Posted on this a while back. 3rd time in 8 years they have been reported!
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