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Dayton 68 Louisville 64


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Not even upset by the loss. No McGee, no Caracter, Jenkins clearly still hobbled (it wasn't just rust that caused him to have no elevation) and Brad Gianiny and Perrin Johnson played major minutes. Anyone expect Louisville to win many games like that?


If McGee had Gianiny's minutes, Louisville wins the game. Better would have been McGee getting Sosa's minutes and Sosa getting Gianiny's. Sosa melted down at the end, which is too bad because he'd been OK up to that point.


Perrin and Gianiny had 20 minutes between them, and came up with 5 rebounds, 5 fouls, and no points and no assists. That's the ball game, point blank.


Palacios had a double-double and Padgett was almost a dream considering his time missed over his knees. Probably shouldn't even list Caracter's absence with the other problems, because our frontcourt wasn't the problem.


Like I said, I'm not tore up over this one. A win would have been nice, but not realistic all things considered.

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