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  1. I guess Louisville fans saw the UK/Puerto Rico scrimmages.....
  2. When UK fans decided to make Duke a rival.
  3. McCain: ?Profound repercussions? if plane shot down ? CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs "If, if - I keep emphasizing if - it was a missile that was launched either by Russia, or the quote separatists, which in my view are indivisible, this would have the most profound repercussions," he said.
  4. Ukraine official: Flight was shot down by missile. (CNN.COM)
  5. Cincinnati News Station Duped By Fake Barbecue-Lovin’ Jonathan Broxton Twitter Account Cincinnati News Station Duped By Fake Barbecue-Lovin' Jonathan Broxton Twitter Account
  6. So, What about Ozzie Smith doing back flips after winning games? Is that just as big of a deal as Chapman's somersaults?
  7. I will be there tomorrow and buying my fair share of adult beverages.
  8. Just your typical moronic parents. Bad mouthing her coaching style. The problem was they were directing their comments to her children.
  9. This will show you the amount of votes for each position. This was just released today. Rangers getting big support in All-Star voting | MLB.com: News
  10. Swopshire has transferred to Northwestern.
  11. I believe she left due to some of the childish actions of some adults in the district.
  12. I honestly believe Louisville can handle their perimeter game. Dieng and Behanan will have to DOMINATE inside. 59-53
  13. John Clayton reports that a deal with Tarvaris Jackson and Seattle will be finalized tonight.
  14. Coach Marvin Lewis confirmed Tuesday that he has no expectations of Carson Palmer reporting to Bengals camp. "Carson has retired," said Lewis, who unlike owner Mike Brown has already turned the page. Lewis confirmed that the Bengals will pursue a veteran quarterback to compete with rookie Andy Dalton and Jordan Palmer. Free agent Bruce Gradkowski is a nice fit on paper. Dalton will open camp as Cincinnati's starter. Per Geoff Hobson-Twitter.
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