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NFL Elimination Game, Week 2

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Alright, week 1 is in the books and a couple of notes from the opening weekend:

* We had exactly the same amount as entries as we did last year in Week #1. Odd coincidence.

* We have more folks advance to Week #2 this year, with only the Patriots and Texans wiping out multiple people, and the Cards and Bears grabbing one each.


As we move into week #2, only those listed below are eligible to pick a team, and if you pick a team you've already selected it is the same as picking a losing team, or not picking a team at all. I don't offer reminders, so you'll have to stay organized.


Only eligible posters please, and as usual, team names only in the posts -- thanks!!


Here are our posters still alive in BPG Elimination:

@mcpapa @Footballforever74 @UKMustangFan @Bengal Maniac @TAC @nkypete @TTS_JF @plantmanky @LCDAWGS19 @MNCM @rjs4470 @se7ens @B-Ball-fan @SnottieDrippen @MJAlltheWay24 @PP1 @GrantNKY @Randy Parker @Can'tcoach @Bobby Axelrod @theguru @brown4 @Big Slick @16thBBall Fan @Habib @tommyjohn8400 @Jumper_Dad @dmh115 @DragonFire @Hangman @sweet16 @CincySportsFan @newarkcatholicfan @Jack of all Trades @Ernie Pantusso @EQUUS GREVYI @PutMeInCoach

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