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  1. 2-21-11 Lady Bears beat Mason @ Mason in opening round of district. Patrick Kelsch best Mason in two District Championship games as well, both teams were in Brooksville
  2. I was thinking that the Lady Bears beat Mason at the fieldhouse for a District title during the Patrick Kelsch era.
  3. No, Melanie Rogers is still the Fleming Co girls coach. Was as of last week anyway.
  4. Coach, I was fortunate enough to play for you and work for Kelly Wells in high school. I learned a lot of lessons that I am trying to pass along to Mason County softball girls! The reach of a good mentor goes beyond the sport that they coach!
  5. The way the deal works, the Mets are paying the rest of Harvey’s contract this year, and the Reds are paying Mesoraco’s.
  6. They say that they see a couple mechanical things that can help him. If that’s the case and he rights the ship for the next two months, then they definitely try and flip him. His trade value if he turns it around is double a backup catcher making $13.5 million whose played 125 games out of a possible 648 in the last 4 years.
  7. Harvey is making $5.6 million right now. If he returns to top of the rotation form he will garner probably in the $15-20 mil a year range. If he’s just mediocre, he’ll probably still get a raise to $7.5-10 mil. Sad but true.
  8. @Cameldad will you be attending tomorrow nights game in Maysville?
  9. I meant that I don’t know why it wasn’t changed on the KHSAA website! Dang Sumo, you act just like my dad!!! Lol
  10. Yes, it’s 2:30 & 4. Don’t know why it hasn’t been changed
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