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Counties with more registered voters than people of voting age that are alive


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Breathitt County Kentucky 110%

Fulton County Kentucky 106%

Menifee County Kentucky 105%

Magoffin County Kentucky 103%

Wolfe County Kentucky 103%

Trimble County Kentucky 103%

Monroe County Kentucky 103%

Carlisle County Kentucky 102%

Mercer County Kentucky 102%

Floyd County Kentucky 102%

Powell County Kentucky 102%

Owsley County Kentucky 102%

Anderson County Kentucky 102%

Cumberland County Kentucky 102%

Leslie County Kentucky 101%

Caldwell County Kentucky 101%

Hancock County Kentucky 101%

Livingston County Kentucky 101%

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Is there an explainer on how these percentage figures were produced? Which documents were contrasted to come up with both sides of the equation? Didn't see any explainers on the website. Hence, I question the credibility of these figures.

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Perhaps the Kentucky records would be more up-to-date if some of these county clerks spent more time on voter registration and less time denying same-sex couples marriage licenses.


Is it the county clerk's responsibility to maintain voter registration lists?

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I think it is Sec of State but don't quote me on that.


That has to come with a LOT of help from the county clerks office, I don't see how it couldn't.


Several times while working the polls and having the register in front of me, a co-worker has commented "she's dead, died last year...he's dead, been dead for a while" etc. We take note of that and alert the clerk. Also have people move..."Jane Smith moved to Virginia last year". I'd say it's a very tedious job.


But yes you are correct that ultimately it falls at the Sec of State's feet.

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