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  1. Please, let's not turn my simple political observation into a full-blown abortion debate. Everything I've read over the past several years points to the fact that Catholic voters pretty much mirror the national electorate. That certainly was the case with Obama-Romney and now it's becoming the case with Trump-Clinton.
  2. The best explanation for this 6-point spread is that the the majority of Catholics think the Democratic standard-bearer's position on a woman's right to choose is less important than Trump's deficiencies. Agree?
  3. Read this morning that Hillary now leading 51-45 among Roman Catholics.
  4. In one case, Trump didn't pay a piano dealer who supplied pianos to one of his casinos or resorts that later ran into financial difficulties. Repeated letters requesting payment were ignored. Finally the piano dealer got a letter from Trump's lawyers offering 70%. Take it or sue me, the small businessman was told. Hundreds Claim Donald Trump Doesn'''t Pay His Bills in Full - NBC News
  5. Will Hillary snare more than 375 electoral votes? Flipping Arizona, as well as Georgia, would be significant. What about Kentucky? Are we in play? Probably not.
  6. Hillary doesn't say she might use nukes willy-nilly. Hillary also doesn't tell supporters that she'd like to punch so-and-so in the face. Wouldn't you agree that's a noticeable difference between the two candidates?
  7. Accuracy issues all around. Only one candidate has a sanity issue.
  8. It's going to be interesting to see if Trump can reverse the slide in some of these red states. I question whether that's possible given his self-aggrandizement. Regardless, the possibility of Hillary taking 35 states has entered the realm of possibilities, in my opinion.
  9. New poll has Hillary up 4 in Georgia. Poll: Clinton leads Trump in Georgia - POLITICO
  10. NBC News says Trump intervention in the works. Names include Giuluani, Priebus and Newt. Trump Allies Plot Candidate Intervention After Disastrous 48 Hours - NBC News
  11. A landslide for Hillary (admittedly a longshot) won't come about because millions of Republicans will decide she's the better candidate. It will come about because millions of Republicans on election day will (a) not show up to vote or (b) decide to leave the presidential ballot blank. The odds of this happening increase if Trump has a meltdown during the debates.
  12. You might be right. The SEC and Mountain West states would vote GOP if Hermann Goering were heading the ballot. It's a cultural thing. I'm keeping an eye on Missouri. If Trump is behind there in late October, then a blowout is possible.
  13. Watching the HBO movie about LBJ the other night, I paused to think about the results of the 1964 presidential election. Johnson won about 43 states. Goldwater only took his home state of Arizona and six or so Deep South states, largely because of fallout over the civil rights legislation of 1964. Could we see a similar 40-plus-state blowout for Hillary this year if Trump continues to melt down?
  14. Now a federal judge has scuttled North Dakota's voter ID law. Said the GOP-sponsored legislation is discriminatory. What a surprise. Federal Judge Blocks North Dakota Voter ID Law
  15. No media spin required to make the anti-Trump case. Just play back the actual spoken words and sit back -- like the other day when he said he wanted to take punch out a few more of his critics.
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