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Trinity 55 Owensboro 41

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Trinity's not going to hold Hopkinsville to 41. Trinity is susceptible to what almost looks like a lack of concentration around the rim. Too many missed shots from inside two feet today. The Shamrocks are going to have to match their defensive efficiency with some offensive efficiency to make a run into the weekend.

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With all due respect to the Hoptown fans, I wasn't terribly impressed with them either. I think the level of play should and will increase on Friday.


I think so too. Trinity's not going to play ANYONE to a score where both teams are playing in the 80s, but I fully expect those two to play at a very high level on Friday.


The Trinity/Ballard regional final was sight to behold and people have suggested that Hopkinsville is somewhat similar. If so, I think the fans at Rupp will be in for a treat on Friday afternoon.

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How did Spalding play? Heard there were a lot of coaches on hand to watch him.


I thought he played good. I'd like to see him convert more of his shots into points but he brings so much more to the game than scoring. When he wasn't blocking shots he was changing them, he had some steals and he even if he didn't get the rebound so much focus was on blocking him out that Owens reaped the benefits.


Can't help but like Spalding and his presence on the floor.

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