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Teams not expected to make a run but will


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What teams this season do you think can make a run of some type in the NCAA tourney that may not be expected to or mentioned much? (3rd round-sweet16 and/or more)

My list would include (in no certain order)................


Cincinnati - with the way they are coached and play defense I wouldn't count them out in the first weekend.

Minnesota - Have lost a few the big10 but as tough as that conference is I believe if the Gophers get in they could do some damage. (same reasons as UC plus are very experienced).

Butler - They're not bad at all and with Brad Stevens at the helm they could win a few.

Colorado- they have been as good as any out west.


Gonzaga - First of all, I know they are ranked #5 this week but untill this past week even though ranked fairly high weren't mention to win much. I think they could be a final four team and possibly win the championship. Two good guards, very good frontline with as good as big man as there is in the country. Mark Few sure doesn't hurt either.



I didn't add U.K. bc 'IF' they get in, without Nerlens I'm not so sure they make it to the sweet sixteen.

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MVC is looking like a 1 bid league now. McDermott went over the 2000 point mark yesterday in his Junior season. Amazing.


Dana O'Neil said that there was a possibility he could be Player of the Year on a team that doesn't make the tourney. No Wooden winner has ever played on a non-tourney team. He's currently running second in a straw poll of actual voters to Trey Burke.

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I would say most feel like Miami is primed for a Sweet 16 appearance since they are projected as a #1 seed.


I am going with VCU.


I agree on VCU. Miami imo doesn't fit in this group, they are ranked in the top 5 plus have beaten Duke convincingly, are still unbeaten in the ACC. I believe that they are a legit final 4 contender, jmo

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