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Is Mossakowski out at UK?


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If he is as good as many think, I can't blame him, either. I've always thought that there is a big drop from #1 QB to #2 QB due to the fact that if #2 is any good, he would be playing and starting elsewhere. Thus, most teams have a #1 and then, as their back-up, a #3 (in quality and talent). Most talented kids playing QB want to play. It is in their quarterback DNA. Therefore, they go where they can play. And this results in the drop off.

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Sorry for my ignorance; who is Smith?



KY has signed 2 QB's


Smith from Calif


Cobbins from LA


both are 3 stars in some and 2 stars in some.


Mossakoski was a 4 star


IMO Newton is terrible AND can not throw the ball down field and will cost Joker his job BECAUSE HE WILL NOT WIN GAMES.

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