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  1. Could he have been a Division I football player???
  2. i wholeheartedly agree with this strategy!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Styles don't win basketball games; players executing a particular style and tempo do; the more talented teams usually impose their style because of their superior talent.
  4. Knight is a much better FT shooter as well.
  5. And people want to criticize Highlands for out of district players and blah, blah, blah, when they don't maximize their opportunities to get better; Highlands outworks everybody in NKY period, and no one will topple them until it changes on a consistent basis.
  6. Who was from Louisville?
  7. Plenty of QB's have looked great coming out of college and failed in the NFL- Leaf, A. Smith, D. Klingler, J. Russell, C. McNown....
  8. I believe he did in the only way he could without causing a mutiny by Owens and Chad.
  9. It only looked like that a lot of times because his WR's ran their own routes!
  10. Especially when he's never read defenses before; he was a one WR look and then run QB in college.
  11. They won't get anything for him when they won't trade him.
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