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What album are you most embarrassed to own?

Jim Schue

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Just like it says, folks. It's guilty pleasure time. Everybody's got something cheesy in the collection ...


Not too long ago, I found a nice-looking vinyl copy of "Make It Big" by Wham! for either 50 cents or a buck, and I grabbed it. Same situation when I ran across a copy of "Colour By Numbers" by Culture Club.


I also confess a love of ABBA, and one of their records was the second I ever purchased with my own money. It followed The Village People's "Cruisin'," of course — hey, I was 9, and "gay" meant "happy" then.


Don't read too deeply into it. I'm just a sucker for a good pop song. :cool:


Now fess' up!

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Just to verify, you're looking for albums you still own currently - not stuff you've canned over the years, correct? Cause I've got to admit...I owned some real junk in my much younger years.

Good point.


Currently: Lady Gaga - Fame. I know, I just mailed in my man card. I think she is extremely talented and very catchy.

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