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BGP Fantasy Football League ~ 2008 - Let's get the ball rolling


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Let's get the ball rolling.


Listed below are the 25 members that are in for the 2008 season.


The National Fantasy Football Conference


Auxier RiverRats - (Auxier RiverRat)

Brush Creek Rusty Ankles - (halfback20)

East End Evolution - (RockPride)

Florence Fighters - (MJAlltheWay24)

Ga. St. Prison Mean Machine - (NamecipS)

Grayson County Swamptrash - (Marsmoker)

Huggs Thuggs - (gametime)

Kalamazoo Wings - (LC99)

Louisa Lumbe - r (stick1)

Louisville Legends - (Cdirty107)

Paintsville Pythons - (EastKyReporter)

Possum Trot WarHogs - (The Scribe)

Richmond nWo Outsiders - (nWo)

Shelby Cards - (tdouth)

Southern KY SubVets - (Godot)

West Kentucky Rams - (sweet16)


The American Fantasy Football Conference

Atwood Fighting' Amish - (NEERFAN)

Banklick Swamp Gas - (HHSDad)

BG Trash Talkers - (DragonFire)

Bushwood Country Club Gophers - (AverageJoesGym)

Bardstown Butchers - (BoondockSaint)

Junction City Jailcats - (UKMustangFan)

Jungle Junkies - (HammerTime)

Rabbit Hash Rowdies (Theoldguy)

Russell - Flatwoods Breakmen - (goherd96)

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Marsmoker will not be returning


goherd96 is no longer a member of BGP and will not be returning


EKR has not been on BGP since March 31st and quit updating his team before mid-season last year

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There will be nine opening for the upcoming year (ten depending on the EKR situation).


We will take applications for the 9/10 openings. A committee of me, guru, and four league members will decide on the applications.


If there are not enough applications to cover the openings, then invitations will be given to the top finishing teams from last year.

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I'm definitely back!.....When do we need to decide on who we're keeping by?
I haven't decided yet. I need to look at the calendar a little closer.


The draft will start right after the 4th of July Holiday Weekend (maybe monday the 7th) or maybe the 28th of June. As I said, I've got to look at the calendar on see how everything shakes out this year. I've just been waiting on the first of June to get started.

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One thing I just realized is I will be out of town from July 19-27 and will not have any access to a computer. How's that going to work?
You can leave a list of players to pick from, or you can leave me your phone number and I'll call you when your OTC.
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