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WWE Backlash


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For you wrestling fans, here's the results from last nights PPV.


WWE Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match Triple H wins outlasting Randy Orton, John Cena, and JBL.


World Heavyweight Championship Undertaker retains defeating Edge


Shawn Michaels defeated Batista (Chris Jericho special guest referee)


The Big Show defeated the Great Khali


United States Championship Matt Hardy defeated MVP


ECW Championship Kane retains over Chavo Guerrero


12 diva tag team match Beth Phoenix's team defeated Mickie James's team.

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From what I heard, they didn't show the end of the match and just kinda stopped Raw.


Yep, the storyline had William Regal cut the feed because he was tired of being disrespected since he is the King of the Ring and the GM of Raw. Kind of dumb to do that during a title match but this is entertainment so it will be interesting to see what comes of this next week.

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Just goes to show that being married to the bosses daughter does come with benefits.


Well that certainly helps, but you may not know that HHH is also on the WWE creative team. Meaning, he helps write the storylines for himself and the other wrestlers. HHH has a lot of swing with storylines and gets some backstage heat for putting himself over a lot of the time.


I just hope that his title reign isn't very long. The WWE has gotten into the habit of really long title reigns, Orton's was 6 months and I think Cena's was something like 16 months.

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Anyone watch Raw last night and see Regal pull the plug and Raw went off the air before HHH vs Orton vs over?!?!?


Yeah, I saw that, and it was a really good move to make Regal as big of a heel as possible.


After Raw went off the air, Regal came out to the ring and declared that the match was over, so no one won, but HHH did pedigree Orton.

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