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  1. I'll take Cov. Cath. as the favorite. It's hard to go against the defending champ. They've been there and should repeat.
  2. Nothing would happen if both teams won other than crowning each of them as champs!!
  3. RCC9, if it was changed to the way you want it, it would no longer be called "The All A Classic". It would be called the "All L Classic" because all the schools have no chance of winning anything. Why label them as inferior? That was not the original intent. Also, RCC9, most of the other regions are public schools unlike the 9th. The All A is great for those who participate and I'm sure you would love it if your school met the criteria to participate. Quit bashing it and get over it!! It's here to stay!
  4. So, if she pushed the ref, wonder why she wasn't ejected?
  5. Obviously, you haven't seen this kid play much! He's a player and can play with the best of them.
  6. I wouldn't want to be a player at practice tomorrow!
  7. Coming from a real reliable source, Coach Clinkenbeard got tossed at the 6:39 mark in the 1st quarter. Not 5 seconds into the game.
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