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  1. That same number called me at 3pm today.
  2. Louisville vs Memphis Pittsburgh vs LSU Memphis vs Pittsburgh Memphis
  3. Nevermind I thought you just meant the cleanup time. Didn't know you meant teams practicing on Tuesday.
  4. Never heard of this but to do that changing the court would only take about 4 hours tops, to take one out and put in the other. I've done conversions like this at the BOKC I would just assume that in would be done the same there if they do actually change it.
  5. They had a hard 2 hour practice the day of the Georgia game.
  6. Clark controlled this for 2 1/2 quaters before Mason came storming back. The Royals took their first lead of the game since the opening minutes, mid way through the 4th quater.
  7. If I were to guess I would say about 5-6 Thousand. The place look pretty full the lower level, with the only noticable emptyness in the endzone of the upper level.
  8. If anyone wants to meet me I'm one of the guys that tonight and tomorrow night was running around with a radio and one sweeping the floor at halftime. :sssh::lol:
  9. Good game to watch. Pretty good atmosphere tonight too. Biggest student sections I've seen all week.
  10. I can't believe people are complaining about bags being checked at the door. This happens at all major venues. Some people are just looking for something to complain about. Also. I know of one instance Friday night at the 9th region girls game where after the game a couple Highlands fans walked on to the baseline of the court, they were nicely asked to please step off the court. One gentleman continued to walk or purposly put one foot on the court just to be a jerk and was asked a second, third, and fourth time to please step off. If I recall correctly, at the fieldhouse the ROTC usually hods a rope up so no one steps on to the court. I don't see any complaining about that. I also saw yesterday where some fans sat down on the courtside seats and were upset when they were asked to move because they did not have tickets for those seats. Those seats are more expensive then the rest of the seating. How can you complain about being moved when you're the one in the wrong seat?
  11. I thought the atmosphere was good at the 10th yesterday considering they were opening round games. Its the semis and finals where the crowd really livens up.
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