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My intention today was to stop doing weather and leave BGP. It still may happen because of extenuating circumstances but Twitter sent me a tweet this morning. It shows 740 people used BGP Twitter Page for severe weather information. So I decided to continue for a little while more. How long is up in the air. 

So BGP Twitter is making a difference. 

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bgp.com weather
· Dec 11
#kywx #lmkwx #inwx #ohwx twitter.com/NWSSPC/status/…
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50 minutes ago, ChickenWyngz said:

Same! I actually follow him more when storms are tracking than any of the paid meteorologists. 

Definitely. I'm kind of sparse in posting, especially in the non-sport forums, but I definitely check on here when there are major storm systems expected or coming through. I'm glad you're hanging around @nWo.

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