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Survivor: Millennials vs. GenX


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I'm still confused about what a Millennial is but it seems like an insult. I just know my age group has me as Gen X. :D


It depends on what you're looking at, but I believe it's pretty much anyone born between 1980 - 2000. Apparently the first generation to grow up and embrace technology or something like that. Also a lot of "free thinkers".


In my opinion the whole generation thing is pretty stupid because it is usually based of 20 year increments. That use to in the good old days, but now so much changes in 20 years.


I personally feel like I associate myself more with the Gen X mentality than the Millennial.


I prefer not to consider myself a part of it.

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Way I decide, if your first gaming system was post original Nintendo, you're a millennial. I'm coming up on 36 and I consider myself a gen X.


By that qualification, I'm not a millennial. We got the original Nintendo for Christmas and mom wouldn't let my brother and I play until she saved the princess.

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