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Which Team?

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You wake up in the morning to a phone call saying that Warren Buffett passed (RIP WB) and has left you his entire fortune, with one stipulation. You have to purchase a NFL team immediately and keep it for at least 20 years.


With all teams being available and for sale, which team/franchise would you buy?

What if any significant changes would you make with your new Franchise?


Have fun with this...

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That's easy. I'm buying the GMen.


I'd keep things the same for this year. I would eventually look into moving the stadium into NYC, if at all possible. Probably isn't tho.


I'd definitely bring back some 80s throwback jerseys once a year.


I'd also resign Eli Manning to a lifetime contract.

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As a Life long Rams Fan I'd buy them also.


I would build a state of the art (Texas Stadium but better) stadium in Malibu. Why Malibu, close enough to LA to own that Market and moderately better weather than LA with high temps around 6-8 degrees cooler than LA.


Stadium would be built with a ton of luxury boxes on one side and mostly regular seats on the other side for the common non-millionaire LA fans.


Rams would go back to the old 70's-80's Blue and Yellow unis and helmets.

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I would buy the Steelers.


First order of business: I would rename the stadium "Renewable Energy Field."


Second order of business: Change the name to the "Stealers." The mascot could continue to look like an approximation of a Chippendale's dancer, but he'd be carrying around TVs and car stereos.


Third order of business: No french fries on sandwiches in the stadium.


Fourth order of business: I'd start considering "character" equal to talent in my player evaluations. I'd be willing to trade Bell, Bryant, and Brown for some draft picks or a real "locker room" guy. I would ask Big Ben to step down as quarterback and become the team chaplain.


Fifth order of business: Draft players exclusively from the Ivy League. In my best pro-wrestling heel impersonation, I'd constantly give speeches indicating that I'm trying to improve the city by bringing in a better class of people.


Sixth order of business: In an effort to expand the NFL's international allure, I would readily volunteer to move the team to England, Canada, Mexico, wherever.

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