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Classes in Basketball

Classes in Basketball  

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I would have voted for C but it was not an option so I instead voted no. The Sweet "16" is about all comers going for one trophy.


How would Paintsville have felt when they won the post season Class A tournament 1996? No one would have ever known if they could have beat Ashland.


When Mason won it in 2003 how would they have known if they were better than Ballard?



They wouldn't. Because they would not have settled it on the court.

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I agree with ITG... I am affiliated with a team that probably has slim chance of ever winning region again but still think that it should stay the same... especially becuase it is becoming more an more unique to Kentucky...

Isn't the "All A" set up for this very reason?

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Isn't the "All A" set up for this very reason?[/quote


Not if they make the proposed changes (Grades 10-12 population) In the 14th region, only 4 schools will not be eligible. How is this different from the normal regional tournament?

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