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  1. That is twice this year that the opposing team has returned opening kickoff for a touchdown. You would think that the veteran coaching staff Fleming has would have the boys better prepared than that. Totally unexcuseable. Time to clean house in the Burg! We need a change.
  2. This game used to generate alot of interest. Panthers in a upset! I know Russell is down some, but so are the Panthers.
  3. One of the better looking plays of the night came when just before the 1st half ended Chris Jones threw a nice ball that Preston Dugan made an outstanding catch.
  4. I was impressed. They have improved from years past. Their only score came on pass play.
  5. I love Corso. He is hilarious to listen to. :laugh:
  6. Final! Panthers bounce back on the winning trail. Congrats!
  7. The article in the link says he changed his mind about UK.
  8. The singer for Avenged Sevenfold is nothing but a screamer. Im sorry but thats not singing. :puke:
  9. Why does it really matter? The answer is obvious. There is some animosity Im sure between the 2 schools. Its each schools choice of whether they want to schedule or not. Take it with a grain of salt. :popcorn:
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