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  1. From Ledger Independent: Madison Fryman had 19pts and 10 steals, Aletha Thomas had 14pts and 3 steals.
  2. I attended the game cause a brother-in-law of mine invited me to go along, his niece plays for the Lady Panthers, I enjoyed myself the boys game is what high school basketball should be. Great game between 2 good teams.
  3. The Bank and The Post Office are across the street in downtown M.O.
  4. Unless the others start to shoot and add some production it won't get any better. Mason Burden scored a bulk of the Black Devils points. Myles Murphy hit a couple field goals.
  5. Truth of the matter is they don't have any away jersey's "yet" so they went with the Deming jersey.
  6. I don't know about them wearing the ol uniforms I was just watching the game.
  7. Madsen Fryman, Althea Thomas, B. Hesler return. Gone are Lacy Mitchell, and K. Saner has transferred. Also a new coach in Patrick Kelsch. Welcome Coach K.
  8. Mason Burden returns, Myles Murphy, they'll struggle abit unless some more of there teammates stepup. There are some new faces.
  9. Mason Burden returns, Myles Murphy, they'll struggle abit unless some more of there teammates stepup.
  10. Come to Robertson County if you wanna talk about bad roads, It'll get you ready for any Interstate travel.
  11. Devilman


    Thank you to everyone for your kind words.
  12. Devilman


    Excuse my presence from the website but somethings have happened and didn't really get to post to many things here. My dad passed away on Feb.13 mom will never look at Valentines day again. he was 80. It all started with dad wanting to burn some trash and he got down to one last bag of junk, mom try to tell him it'll be ok to wait, but dad being the way he was just had to go and get it done. He went on to do that and the bag somehow got hooked on the toe of his shoe and down he went. I had just arrived home from M.O and I seen him sittin' there in the back yard thinking what is he doing, when I got there and got out of the truck my mom yelled that he had fallin'. As I ran to were dad was I seen what had happened and being that I've worked in at MRMC for 11 yrs, after I seen the way his leg was I knew he had broken his leg. Called for a ambulance they came and took to Meadowview, Dr. Kumler said it was a clean break and they went and took dad to surgery. Later myself, mom and my sisters(There are 4 of them), decided to transfer dad to the Robertson County Nursing Home. Now my dad has never been a fan of staying anywhere but home, I tried to and my sisters explained to him why he couldn't just go home and take care of this, dad had a lot of other problems besides a broken leg like COPD, Early Onset Dementia, High Blood Pressure and some TIA's or miny strokes. He was doing pretty well with the therapy walked with the walker 40 ft. but it was like someone turned off a switch. He quit eating, got sick and lost 26lbs. Dad and mom have been married 56 yrs. and mom tries to push herself, I only hope she doesn't grieve herself as I and my sisters and other members of the family are around and help her get thru this. Prayers are greatly appreciated. Ultimatley it was a STROKE that took him.
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