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  1. Interesting to think UT's back up would have been Snead if he hadn't transfered to Ole Miss.
  2. Cincinnati is playing very well right now, but without Pike they would not match up with OSU in my opinion. But I still picked them.
  3. Please. Willingham has left a trail of devastation in his career. As a ND fan I was really disappointed with the result, although they played well. Another moral victory in a long line of moral victories. Story of the first half was the USC dominance on the line, that is where Notre Dame simply cannot match up. I'm not sure if Charlie's seat is any hotter, but he needs to finish this season very strong - I still think the magic number is 9.
  4. I want to start off by saying the score could have been a lot worse, but credit the Tennessee defense to keeping the scoring relatively low (as far as the Florida offense is concerned). Lane Kiffin is starting something special in Knoxville, keep and eye on them over the next few years.
  5. I disagree with that because you can't rank a 1-1 team higher than the other 2-0 teams. I think both teams have some work to do but will both be there at the end of the season.
  6. 3 for 4 for USC on 4th down tonight... that's gonna haunt OSU if they lose this game.
  7. Heck of a game. I'm an Irish fan through and through but this game was pretty outstanding. I don't like Michigan but I'm glad to see them back on the rise. Both QB's impressed me tremendously today especially Forcier - the boy can play. He did what he had to do to get the W. That being said... someone needs to give Charlie a lesson in clock management. ND should be 2-0 but hats off to Michigan for a great effort.
  8. What exactly about Notre Dame being ranked is "a joke"? They have a pretty good team this year and deserved to be right around where they were this week - no higher. Clausen played a great game. Forcier is a stud - you'll be seeing his name quite a bit for a while. Michigan is on the come back and good for them. I am a ND fan, but they flat out lost today to a team that played a better game, I'm disappointed but not going to make excuses. Every game that ND or OSU loses there will always be a thread about how they are overrated. These threads are a dime a dozen.
  9. Very true. I don't know if Thabeet will ever be offensively talented enough to play with NBA centers but we'll see how he works out.
  10. I would say 200K is mere pocket change when you consider millions of dollars. I'd rather have my name on the hardware than the little extra cash, but it's true the situation is crucial - maybe he just wanted a change of scenery and wanted out of L.A. Another crucial point is... maybe Ariza will be a much more stand out player on Houston's line up especially with the potential exit of Yao Ming. A stand out player on a team will make more money than a life time role player on a great team - which is what he would have wound up being in L.A.
  11. Duncan and Jefferson are listed as centers on espn, both also play great PF's. Not that it makes much of a difference just my two cents. :thumb:
  12. If anyone is trying to compare Eddy Curry from the Knicks to Zach Randolph I just don't see it. I understand Curry was injured and only played in 3 games last year, but they've played the same amount of time in the league. Curry Career: 13.4 pts, 5.4 rbs, .8 blks, 2.3 turnovers, .6 assists per game Randolph Career: 16.7 pts, 8.3 rbs, .3 blks, 2.2 turnovers, 1.7 assists per game The second player has a pretty decent lead in all stats but blocks per game.
  13. That is a great article and all too true. His body is so large that a foot injury would just kill his career. He has always been a great center and an upstanding member of the NBA and I think the league has been lucky to have him (if he is done).
  14. If Lofton were to make the line up I would be very impressed. I'm really really hoping he does. Good luck Chris!! :dancingpa
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