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  1. They lost 8 seniors which comprised their starters and top 3 reserves, so I have to agree that it would appear to be a rebuilding year, not a reloading one. Most small schools go through this phase, and the Mustangs happen to have been blessed with two of their more talented classes in the '05 and '07 bunches. I suspect they will be a work in progress, and improve as the year goes on. The schedule remains about the same with the notable exception of opting out of the 5/3rd, to gain some experience playing at Deming, where the All "A" regionals will be played. They graduated three 6'5" seniors, so they'll be a little vertically challenged. I'd guess they will run a little more, and still play agressive "D".
  2. I think the NKY 6-A bracket could certainly produce some "upsets"!! Despite Boone's regular season 28-0 win over Campbell, they better not overlook the Camels, and both Ryle and SK have been rather inconstant. Wouldn't be surprized to see any of these emerge from this bracket.
  3. Dayton needs to not look ahead or they'll be watching Beechwood in the second round!!
  4. This is getting pretty silly!! A team goes 0-10 in their first varsity season, with very few penalties along the way, particularily those of the over agressive nature; and in the last game of the season you are accusing them of playing dirty?????? Not one person the entire year accused them of anything, and suddenly they get cheap in the last game???? Weak!!!! While we're slinging accusations--Classy move by the coaching staff after the interception with about 1:30 to go (up 31-6), bringing the starting QB back in after he'd been out and trying to throw for a TD?? Good move taking him back out, and running the ball the last two plays; although they tried the hurry up to score on the last play but couldn't get the play off. Also weak!!!!
  5. They couldn't get the kid down until about 3-4 ended up doing so at the two, and he took offense at something that happened in the pile. And there were two unsportsmanlike penalties on GC on that play why??
  6. Watched the game as well and didn't see much either. Guessing from your statements that your son doesn't play for BB, as their entire team might total 13 years playing experience (when did he start, at birth )?? Are you trying to say that one of the least penalized 0-10 teams in history, suddenly decided to get dirty in their last game?? The one incident in the entire game came late, and it was obvious who started that situation; and as usual the retaliating guy got tossed, after responding to some cheapies in the pile. Wisely the Gallatin staff got the offenders out so they could play next week. Veteran officiating crew and a one sided game, so doubtful they would let much happen.
  7. Pretty remarkable statistic for a fledgling program, facing the adversity these kids faced week after week!! Good testament to the character of the kids and coaches. Best of luck to Gallatin next week in the playoffs!! To the Mustang seniors--Hold your heads high; you've helped pave the way for the future--You won't be forgotten!!
  8. Guessing you've not seen much football?? Couple of incidents towards the end, but officials kept it under control. Pretty calm game other that that??
  9. Mike Code AND his staff--Always very professional looking!!
  10. Simply ridiculous that virtually everybody makes the playoffs!! States like Texas, Florida, etc. have 1000+ high schools and have six classes. Ohio has around 700 I believe and doesn't have six classes. To have 216 or whatever and crown six champions is absurd--Not far from "Give everyone a trophy days"!! And people complain about the All "A" titles (1 out of appx. 125) not being legit championships......................??????
  11. This isn't a "potential" playoff game, but rather an actual one; but I think the Dixie/CovCath matchup in the first round sets up as a potential classic!!
  12. Fact that BW put up 28 against probably the best "D" in 2-A, despite the turnovers; bodes well for the playoffs, and likewise for the 'Breds!! Chances are this was a showcase of the 1-A and 2-A state champs!!!!
  13. Mason's got a great hoops program, good academics, the best HS facility in the state (nothing tops the 10th region tourney), and will win the 10th this year!! They're a fine school with a great basketball tradition and it's not surprizing a kid or two moves in occasionally to become a part of that?? Happens all the time in the state (public & private)--See football!!
  14. Does this actually have a meaning?? BTUR????? Is this Milford Code??
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