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  1. I just said it won’t shock me if he does transfer because he might think if I am not going to start next year will I ever and will that hurt me from making it to the next level.
  2. The competition part is just my personal observation from the year. I felt he thought he should be the PG no matter what and when he was replaced by Alexander, he didn't respond the way I would have thought or liked. Again, just my two cents on that.
  3. Look on KSR for the idea that Green could possibly transfer. And with Quickley coming in and he will by all accounts start at PG, that is where people on KSR said they wouldn't be shocked if Green transferred.
  4. There is a story of possibly Green transferring. That won’t shock me if he does because he doesn’t like competition and knows he isn’t going to start next year at UK either
  5. Thank you for the best laugh I had all day.
  6. Last I looked, I believe UK's class is ranked top 5. If so, that's pretty strong!!
  7. So, in your opinion do you think Green starts next year at point for UK?
  8. Like I said, Tandy is better than Green. Tandy is more athletic, shoots the ball better, quicker and more physical along with being a better ball handler.
  9. First, the cost is a determining factor but not necessarily ticket cost. The concession cost and more so the lodging cost has really gotten out of hand. Second, I used to order my tickets thru the KHSAA for like 15 straight years and never received good lower arena seats. Not once!!! So, as Mustang has already pointed out that those "good seats" are held for KHSAA board members and schools. So, the normal fan such as I will never get those premium seats. Plus, as many other posters have pointed out that there are so many other options for individuals and or families to chose from these days for their entertainment. Lastly, the changing of the format is a big contributor to the decline. Some people want to point out that it is more fair giving teams rest and playing on Sunday, but my comeback is that's what made the tournament such a valued treasure to players and fans because you had to have the mental toughness to play on Saturday morning and then come back Saturday night to win the championship. Not to mention that this change has increased the cost because people have to stay over Saturday night and ones that don't stay over don't want to drive back on Sunday for the championship game. Just my two cents.
  10. Yeah this is my 40th straight year and I have always gone all week, but unfortunately this will probably be the last tournament I attend for a while. It just isn't the same anymore and I am just not into it like I once was.
  11. Fredrick is one heckuva player!!! The best 9th region player I’ve seen since Ruthsatz in 2014 and its not even close.
  12. The format is hurting the tournament too. Nobody is staying over Saturday night for a Sunday championship game because one reason is that the hotels raise the per night cost by 20-30%. Go back to semi’s Saturday morning and championship game Saturday night.
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