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  1. Morehead has nothing to be ashamed of in their performance. Congratulations Cards!!!:dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa
  2. Cards regains the lead by 6 with 4 minutes to go
  3. At the intensity that Louisville is playing, Morehead will be worn out in the second half.
  4. I just wish I was there in one of them.
  5. Very well stated, and how do you think the students feel this year that have their portfolios done and know find out they spent all of this time (2-3 years) working on this project and now they are worthless and not going to be counted!!!! If I were the students or the English teacher or any other teacher that spent hours in their classroom allowing students to develop these writings, I would be angry. After this, I don't know if I would want to buy into anything the wonderful elected officials came up with. I'm sure they know all about educating children. :ohbrother:
  6. Oh my god!!! They may be playing Morehead
  7. I agree. I am so happy, I could explode!!!!!!!! So I'll dance instead, less mess!!!:banana::banana::banana::ylsuper::ylsuper::ylsuper: Go Cards!!!!:notworthy::notworthy:
  8. WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Go CARDS!!!! :taz::taz::taz::taz:
  9. This is absolutely the greatest night. I can't wait until tomorrow night for the brackets.
  10. I agree. If Syracuse hadn't been so tired, it would have been a different game. When they begin the big show, they'd better play, or they won't go very far.
  11. Can anybody tell me why the Cards are slowing the ball down when Syracuse is so tired they have their hands on their hips. Why aren't they pushing it?
  12. T Will and Clark have finally decided to get in the game and play.
  13. Congrats to the Eagles!!! Looking forward to watching them.
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