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  1. MC is definately blessed with size and speed but were last year as well. I hope that they can fix the problems with the defense because they didn't play well on that side of the ball in 08. I also hope they can stay healthy. MC fans are expecting a good year and we will be disapointed if they don't finish better than 500% in 09! Everyone is behind you guys so go get'em Raiders. :ylsuper:
  2. I watched the MS and MC game last year and after looking at MS schedule last year I don't know how anyone can overlook this team. They are loaded with talent and speed and are very capable of puting big numbers up offensively but just like MC they need to work on their defense because the name of the game is out scoring your opponent. I wish Madison So. all the luck in the world for 2009 and hope they win every game but 1.
  3. Amen to that! I think everyone can agree football is the #1 sport. :ylsuper:
  4. As in basketball only 1 team comes out of every football region!
  5. That's true, last year MC played with a bunch of sophmores and a frw fresh and this year they had the injury bug strike when their record was 4-2. However, to give WB their props, MC was 100% healthy when the two played and for the second year in a row it was a great game. Good luck to W-burg in 2009!
  6. I am not sure I agree with you. KC lost most of what made them so tough last year. As stated in other posts their QB was the heart and soul of their team. MC didn't lose any skilled players and may have the best O-line they ever had. I just can't see where KC is any better more the less "VASTLY". I know as many others do that W-burg had 3 dates to fill and had them posted on the web, MC tried to play two of those dates but WB refused. Like I have posted earlier, I have many friends who work at W-burg and one use to coach and he told me the feeling in the burg is they would rather lose to anyone by 100 than lose to MC by 1. Bottom line they didn't want to play and that is their option. MC and their fans are upset they ran like they did and that is their option. KC is a tough game for anyone as Coach Mills has built a very strong program and will definately be a tough game for WB. We will let the 2009 season tell us if it was a step up or not! :ylsuper:
  7. I agree with the 5 class system for sure. That would most likely move McCreary out of Bell Co's district and anything that does that is good for me!
  8. Yea, you may be right but you better hope corn-hole doesn't get sanctioned as a KHSAA sport or the tide will definately turn away from B-ball! :laugh:
  9. As I read the posts on this thread I can't help but wonder how those 3rd and 4th seeded teams that made it to the 2nd and 3rd rounds (or farther) feels about people on here saying they should not have even been in the playoffs? Oh, and westsider keep holding on to the dream about KY being a basketball state because it is slowly changing. I keep praying for UK to win 1 national title because that would really shake things up. Oh yea, Commonwealth stadium is completely maxed out on Saturdays for every home football game no matter the weather. I think the casual fan attendence is growing each year for the championship games and I agree if the KHSAA made it as big of deal as they make the sweet 16 the fan base would grow to enormous numbers. IMO! :ylsuper:
  10. I would say they have to get some supporting players for their QB. He is a good athlete but didn't have a lot of help. How many starters are they returning? If they hve most of their starters back and the same coaching staff it will be a start. :ylsuper:
  11. I heard he was related to one of the basketball coaches but I am not sure.
  12. There are a lot of schools out there wishing they had that bill to pay!
  13. I don't know about everyone else but I have been to the championships the last two years and it was anything but boring. Ram I know you were just stating for the sake of argument but I had to say that it has been very exciting so far. I think it helps football as a whole as well. I say this because teams that usually have no shot at postseason now do which attracts players and there has been several teams, if I'm not mistaken, that have been 3 and 4 seeds to advance past the first round the last couple of years. I am not saying 6 classes are perfect but neither was 4 classes. I have come to the conclusion that you can't please everyone. Also, some people out there just like to complain. I would like to find out how many BGP'ers that complain about the 6 class system also complained about the 4 class system. I bet there are one or two out there. :ylsuper:
  14. The Raiders from McCreary Central will be up this year. I think they will make some noise and surprise some people. I am not saying they will go 10-0 or anything but should be a thorn in everyone's side and beat some people that most don't expect them to. I talked to a good friend of mine on the coaching staff and he said they are having a great spring practice. he said the discipline level is at an all time high and they are accomplishing everything they need to accomplish. I asked him what we could expect in 2009 and he said the O-line will be 100% better and the defense will make a 100% improvement. I am going to try and go to one practice next week to see for myself and then I will give everyone a first hand account on how its going. :ylsuper:
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