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  1. If Kelah Eldridge comes back full strength, Perry Co Central is not a lock for the title.
  2. Congrats Assumption! Solution-Class A Regions 6, 7, and 9- Class AA- All other regions.
  3. Why not just leave the KHSAA and have your 12 month championship for volleyball at the club level. It is a state wide competition. If you are the best...play whomever is your path regardless of the bracket. The Lone Oak-Greenwood match was exciting as any match this year. Yes...playing club ball would enhance player and team skills..the gap has closed between the 6,7, and 9th regions and the rest of the state.
  4. No explanations for alot of things that went on this year!
  5. They can rehire Coach Moore and bring back Kendall Noble.
  6. Adams and Roberts had good games. Davis for KCC had a good floor game.
  7. Congrats to KCC and the Patriots! Davis makes a 3 to send it to overtime.
  8. Madison Central has a young club. They executed better down the stretch than Moore. McWhorter in the middle for Moore is a hoss. Good win for MC!
  9. To get an extra game in. All bye teams played an extra game yesterday that was not included in the tourney.
  10. Zach Davis and Mikey Slone will lead the scoring. Congrats to Coach King and the Patriots!
  11. Congrats to Belfry! Big surprise...but the Pirates always play well at the end of the year.
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