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  1. I just wanted to throw in a couple of facts for your debate. The two games Pulaski lost last year (14-0 to Southwestern and 23-7 to Bowling Green) they where without starting QB Riley Hall. Tough to lose your starting QB for what was probably the two best teams they played in the regular season and come out on top. I thought they played quite well under the circumstances, and if Riley Hall was available for those two games, I think Pulaski would have had an undefeated season. Carry on now.
  2. Good read. I might drop LC a bit now with the loss of T. Dalton.
  3. Resent sir. I sent you a reminder at the bottom of the email of a prior discussion. :thumb:
  4. How long does it usually take to receive them? I am still waiting on mine.
  5. Belfry gets revenge 14-10. Good luck Pond Creek Nation!!!!!
  6. 7 Trinity 5 Mayfield 3 Belfry 2 Desales 1 Pulaski County TB Trinity
  7. 10 Belfry 6 Pulaski County 6 Desales 2 Mayfield 2 Highlands 2 Trinity TB - 24
  8. 5 Mayfield 3 Highlands 3 Williamsburg 1 Meade County 1 Dixie Heights 1 Pulaski County 1 Graves County 1 North Oldham 1 Central 1 Desales TB 56
  9. 7 Williamsburg 5 Desales 3 Dixie Heights 2 Mayfield 1 Central TB Williamsburg
  10. Congrats on the win Shelby Valley. Good luck against NCC.
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