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  1. I know but if the plan extends throughout DEC-JUN it limits the athletes and takes away from other sports. I agree partial season is better than none- but hope Ky doesn't look a model like that one.
  2. Quite a bit of football players are involved in other sports. Tough for those sports who did not even get a full season a year ago.
  3. But what happens when one district has the two best teams in the region?
  4. Pulaski County held Lexington Catholic to 0 at the half too-- lets see if they can come out with a good drive to keep momentum
  5. Surprised a bit by this score after watching Lexington Catholic against Pulaski County. Anxious to see how the 2nd half plays out.
  6. Don Marshall Bowl- Belfry vs Southwestern Lexington Catholic vs Pulaski Co
  7. At least he was a UK commit when he got the Mr Football award..
  8. Pulaski County: (This was posted by @colonel-fan) in the Game Thread 6'3" 265 6'0" 277 6'3" 288 6'0" 258 6'1" 322 AH: 6'1" AW: 282
  9. Their offensive unit is big, QB, RB and WR/TE are big too. Hows the Cov Cath pass rush?
  10. Which side of the ball will give PC the biggest problems-- CC offense vs Pulaski defense or CC defense vs Pulaski offense?
  11. How big are the corners for CC- grant it you do not have to be big to be good and I'm sure they have plenty that are good. Pulaski does have some size with their WR's though.
  12. Just curious. Does anyone know how many teams left play on grass fields?
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