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  1. Not sure what you mean exactly but the district was never seeded until 2006
  2. Good point .. As I recall, this is first time bourbon or Paris have been to regional tourney since moving to 40th district in 2006.. If you do some further research though , it's uncanny how many times Clark and Montgomery drew opposite each other in district tournament .. Only drew each other Like 3 times over 20+ years
  3. Southern opened in 1991 or 92..I believe .. Which is far as less than 30.. But nonetheless , central has won every district except 1995 as I recall .. Southern has only beaten central maybe 3-4 times .. Central has enrollment approaching 2000 and plays in one of the weakest districts anywhere .. Pretty good situation there.. I agree , southern could or should have won a few games along the way
  4. I'm still thinking Madison central may hold a record. I am not pro or con central just familiar with their streak. Does anyone know of a boys team that has won that many districts in a row at any point regardless of of how strong or weak the district is or was?
  5. Madison central has now won the district every year since 1995. Is there another school close to that mark ?
  6. I am familiar with khsaa website but I think you are correct in that it only goes back to late 90 s. I was hoping to see earlier results such as those from the 50's 60's and 70's
  7. I would like to find a website that has some compiled information on past district and reginal tournaments ? Anyone know of a site?
  8. it's not so much that private schools cheat more than public schools,. I actually think think it might be the opposite. I used Owsley as an example because they are in a very remote area, little or no transient population. They know what they have coming and whether they are going to be able to compete for the next 3 years or not...Most small publich schools are less than wealthy. Their kids are much less than wealthy. In places like Owsley or any other rural area, there is no private school choice even if the kids could afford it. Publics have a million rules and policies to follow that usually have nothing to do with sports that greatly hinder their ability to compete in sports... who can explain that UHA has and enrollment of 60 + students and has won the championship 10 times? GREAT coaching? Great run of material? It is an Unfair advantage... This thread was not to begin another private vs public debate. I had simply hoped the All A would offer some of these small public schools a chance. UHA can compete in the regular 2nd regional tournament every year
  9. Then again, maybe I am the only one who cares that an Owsley County has to compete against a University Heights....
  10. This thread is not an attempt to start another private vs public debate but am I the only who feels like it is the prinow vate school state tournament? I have been attending this event for years and I am aware that Shelby Valley won it 2 years straight on the boys side but I am increasingly disappointed by the number of teams who are eliminated by private schools ESPECISALLY those schools who have only one gender. Desales is a nice squad but has double the number of boys of any of the schools in the tourney. How is it no one seems to care? Is Holy Cross not a girls school? Many coaches and players are working their butt off every day hoping for one shot at a state tournament. Now , they are battling private school advantages as well as enrollment barriers? Am I the only one cares?
  11. Anyone have any photos of this gym? I would like to see it but have never been in it...
  12. Let's be honest, this thread has nothing to do with gym space(Hazard?) or parking convinience (knott/Hazard/Breathitt?), but rather it is about the fact that some people get irked that any school in the 56th district would or could host a regional tournament. I am only an outside observer looking in but that "ain't" hard to see.
  13. In this case, it was the opposing team administration who addressed the fans. As expected, that did not go over that well. Both administrations were present. It was my understanding that the administrators from the school whose fans were chanting, did not consider the incident to be poor sportsmanship so they were simply watching the game..
  14. I was recently attending a high school basketball game where the visiting team student cheering section begin yelling "air ball" each time a certain player touched the ball. I watched as the opposing team's administration addressed the student section claiming it was extrememly poor sportsmanship. It eventually became somewhat of a heated event because of the strong reaction. I'm curious if most people agree that yelling "air ball" at a certain player is that big of deal anymore and does it really consititute poor sportsamnship?
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