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Former Southwestern Coach Dale Anderson Arrested


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Dale Anderson Arrested - Commonwealth Journal: News


Former Southwestern High football coach Dale Anderson was arrested Friday night in Louisville in connection with alleged sex crimes against a minor. The alleged victim, now an adult, claims he was sexually abused by Anderson nearly three decades ago when Anderson was a teacher and coach in Louisville.


More to be in the Sunday Newspaper

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Ex-SWHS coach charged with sexual abuse - Commonwealth Journal: News


From the article...

Anderson, 55, was taken into custody outside a Louisville restaurant, according to a Louisville Metro Police citation, and charged with sodomy, attempted sodomy and sexual abuse.


According to the citation, the alleged victim — now an adult — claimed Anderson sexually abused him beginning when he was 11 years old. The abuse continued until he was approximately 14, according to the citation.


“The (alleged) victim disclosed oral sex, forceful attempted anal sodomy and sexual touching,” according to the citation.


The alleged victim told Louisville Metro Police the abuse occurred when Anderson was a teacher and coach at St. Raphael Catholic School in Louisville. Anderson left the Louisville area to take the Southwestern job in 1993.

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Crazy. I met him back in 2008 when he coached the East/West all star game. He seemed to be a really nice guy.


He's a very nice guy, personally. I never would've pegged him for anything like this. The fact that he's such a likeable guy is what makes this stuff hard to swallow.

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Why now after 20 years? Just curious.


Well, after reading the entire article, something happened in 2011 which made him resign 4 games into the season. Wonder what that "personnel issue" was?

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What do you think was going through the mind of Anderson when the whole Sandusky(SP) debacle was going on? You would think that each and every day, it would eat at him just a little more when he would hear the daily facts come out up at Penn State if he is guilty. Very sad story....


How many more will there be? Sad day for sure.......

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I am a little confused. Has the coach confessed to the crimes? If not, is there a reason we are assuming he is guilty?


Did someone assume that, I think most are talking about being arrested in the first place and can't believe he was arrested for something like this and the strain that is on him and his family.


As far as guilt goes, I don't know...but this is not the first time allegations like this have come up around him.

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