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  1. The large picture is they no showed a 4 hour installation window twice in a week , then offered to a third installation window 10 days after the original appointment.
  2. I left out several aggravating details , there was so much lying and misinformation given to me I can't remember it all .
  3. I'm going to use this as a draft to send to management at direct if I can get a good address . So that's my first question - does anyone know an address or email for a regional Vice President or person in management ? Here is my story . Ordered direct over a week ago , had a 4 hour installation window last Tuesday , noon to 4pm . At approximately 3;00 I called customer service they said " tech is on the way " . At about 330 I got a VM from the tech stating " can't find you address , call to reschedule " . The problem is my address is a new listing and doesn't show up on mapquest or any GPS device -- I told them that when I ordered the service to have the technician call me for directions . Within 10 minutes of receiving the tech call I both called him back and texted him but got no response .. so 4 hours on my day work wasted . So I get rescheduled for yesterday. Same 4 hour window , only this time I go over the work order and tell them my address will not show up , tech must call for directions , 3pm comes no tech , no email , no text confirmation, no call confirmation, nothing - I call them -- they put me on hold and state " I will contact the technician and see what is going on " . After a short hold they state " he is finishing another job , will call you within 15 min -- I remind them , he must call for directions . So 30 min goes by , it's approaching 345 pm and nothing , no call . So I call them back and this is where the wheels fall off and things just get stupid . The representative says " we show no notes or any record of your previous call " . So I suggest please calling technician or the dispatch to see where he is -- the rep says " oh. Sorry sir we don't make calls like that , we don't contact them " . I said no , I was just placed on hold 30 min ago and for an update stating the tech was finishing a job and I was next " .. so after 15 min of time the rep states " oh something just came across your account " we called you at 1130 am to confirm your installation and you didn't reply " . I immediately stated that's incorrect - I've checked my text and phone records and have no such call . At this point I requested a supervisor -- another 15 wait and a supervisor states the same stuff -- you didn't confirm today's appt - and at this I'm past wits end , tell them to cancel my order and refund any charges they have made . He offers me a 100 credit and ask if I would reschedule and I ask for what date and this idiot says " next Friday " .. after I've already been no showed twice this this week . I declined . So 2 days off work setting at the house waiting for service that never comes . And around 6pm I check my mailbox , there is a letter from direct addressed to 214 Damion Branch ( which doesn't exist ) instead of 214 Dan Branch .. even though I'd been over that with the ordering people numerous times . Id like to send this to the highest ranking Direct tv Official I can .
  4. Well I'd take some young small fish from a overstocked pond if anyone wants thinned out .. but my question is does anyone have experience and can recommend a supplier ? place from Ark is coming to the hardware place in Greenup this fall but I'd like to invest wisely
  5. Never had Shark I liked , too firm , too ?? ? too unmatched to frying and just not good
  6. They are so good the b!G is only expecting 2 yards and a cloud of dust in their games this year .
  7. Goat , Raccoon , Eel , Groundhog , Frogs , Turtle , Bear ( yuk) and one that I'd guess very few if any have had , fresh Ceviche with what the locals in Mexico - Cozumel - call sea cockroach , its called Chitin , clings to rocky shorelines , you pry them off with a sharp knife , rinse off , soak in fresh water and pry the shell away and mince into fresh ceviche ( lime, garlic, tomato and cilantro ) . Actually didnt have much flavor .
  8. Has Kap said whether he will continue his protest should he make a roster ?
  9. Last time I paid a few bucks with buddies to watch Mayweather " fight" it was a boring joke . Had to pad that dudes pocket
  10. K knows his time is about up , so he threw his standards out the window in hope of winning 1 more title. He has 2 players in the same class that attended a total of 8 different HS's . Hopefully all the talent doesnt gel and the whole group of them fizzle out . Hope Bolden and his momma are happy . ( set for life LOL)
  11. Yeah , it seemed to be a " look at me and how hard this is " type of documentary , but I've never liked the guy , so I'm biased . Also I cant see anyone paying that dude 23M for a year. Just not a complete enough player for that type of $$$ . And dropping the F bomb for no reason just isnt cool to me , in a public setting .
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