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Has Hopkinsville received some transfers?

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Can they play? Let's just cut to the chase here.


My guess on one of them: AJ Tyler can play.


From what I can gather, was one of Christian County's better players last year, at least if we're talking about scoring the ball.


Specifically, three articles I found on a google search of his name and Christian County. One shows a 20 point game in the box score. Another shows him taking a 3 to tie the game at the buzzer. Another mentions him starting during the close of his Sophomore season in an outlook for the 2013-2014 season.


Those are the first three I clicked, so I'm going to guess he can do some things to help you win.

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Over the past couple years Hopkinsville has dominated the second region. I have read the Cordia threads and the Scott County threads and even the thread about Hicks and Jon Hood. I know I have seen the question before, "Why would someone not want their kid to play for a successful program". So in this case, where the two public schools are so close to each other, it would be very easy to move down the street and play at the more successful school.


I am not saying I am glad they are there. Makes it tough to win when one county has such a impressive wealth of talent. And it makes it even tougher when they decide to go to the same school.

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Random, but fits this.....what's the road through Christian County that literally is used to determine who goes where? Live on this side and you go to Hoptown....the other side, and you go to County. Anybody? Or is it a little more complex than that?

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It's kind of a jagged line through the middle of hopkinsville. HHS is on the south side of town. CCHS is on the north side. Aj Tyler is good. I believe Ledonald gray is better. He is in the talks of being top 5 in region 2. Aj tyler is great shooter. Gray is more of a finisher.



Good stuff.


What can we expect from Gray?


Additionally, if you know as well, what can we expect from Gary?

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