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  1. A. The ref handled it perfectly on the field. The PA person counted down like is supposed to happen. This is how time is kept at the division one college level. B. The reason you do this in high school is because there is not a 4th official to tell how much extra time is to be added. C. The problem is, in most of the second region schools, they do the "stop the clock at 2 minutes" thing and allow the ref to keep time on the field. I'm sure the hoptown fans were surprised by the ruling but it was handled perfectly by the ref.
  2. This is not a complicated issue. It's your right to express yourself the way you want to. It's my right to express how I feel about the way you expressed yourself. I'm offended by kapernick. It's kapernick's right to express himself the way he wants. #notcomplicated
  3. Terrific athlete. he's not a high level college football prospect though. Not quite fast enough or strong enough arm. Likely a mid-major basketball type of a player. Samford would be a good fit. Very smooth on the basketball court.
  4. Christian County "can" do it but their staff hasn't proven to be able to get the kids out to play or have the discipline needed to compete. Christian County certainly has the talent in the hallways.
  5. Several years back Crittenden County, when they had some really good skill players ran both the spread/passing offense and the wing-t. Made them very very difficult to prepare for. They would run both offenses with the same personnel. If I recall they were very competitive with Mayfield in a couple of regional title games in this system and then beat them a year or two later in the regional finals using the multiple offensive systems.
  6. Being able to play defense is the key. Hoptown's won the region a handful of times recently with no halfcourt offense. Which is why they get beat in rupp. They've had the players to win state but their coaches have been shortsighted in how they play the regular season. Instead of developing a solid half court offense they'll need in rupp where it's tougher to press (because teams are better and the court is bigger) they go for the easy blowouts by running and jumping with their press. I firmly believe they would have won state the year Jordan major was a senior had they been a solid halfcourt team. Instead they pressed dominque Hawkins and couldn't stay in front of him and gave away the title. I'd say that general rule goes for Christian County, hoptown or University Heights. Whoever plays the best defense will likely win the region. They've all go the athletes to do it, but "who will"? I still give Christian County the edge as I believe their size gives them a big advantage.
  7. The recipe to beat UHA is to turn them over, not play zone. They are too good at penetrating to play zone.
  8. Uha's defensive issues revolved around having one guy who shouldn't be out there and 3 freshman starters against very good competition. Their maturation and growth (physical and mental) will make a huge difference on the defensive end. But if still put county ahead of them and hoptown
  9. I'd bet $$$ that Sloan will get eligible. Far shadier transfers have happened where a kid didn't even move and they got eligible. Khsaa doesn't enforce their own rules.
  10. District 8 hasn't had any transfers but the admin at one of the high schools turned over and they told the coach they didn't want any more trips to Frankfort for eligibility hearings. Suddenly, no transfers.
  11. FYI- I did confirm tonight that James Nicholas will be able to play this year. There is worry about his knees though. I agree with everything above. I'd give county the advantage because they have the size. I'd put hoptown and UHA at 2/2a. After that? Doesn't matter
  12. I'm honestly not sure. but I believe he tore his acl at an aau event in Louisville. Sad deal for him. By all reports, a pretty good kid. Imagine the UHA team that could have been if he and sebree hadn't left? Woah. hollowell, Tandy, Hollowell/McGowan, Sebree, Nicholas
  13. James Nicholas is out for the year with a torn acl. He was not playing at open gym
  14. No sense in debating a kid's height. But the hoptown roster lists him at 6'3. Same roster has cager at 5'10. I'd be shocked if he's actually an inch over 6'1.5. Either way, they don't have a big man.
  15. Not at all. What I'm saying is that Cosches don't scout high school games. But they do pay attention to behavior. Kids who transfer multiple times for basketball purposes often times have a circus surrounding them. The act of transferring can raise red flags. Not saying it's always accurate to think that but it can raise red flags.
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