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  1. To be honest, I didn't see anyway possible for him to be eligible. The way all the hype this summer about where he was going.
  2. Which in my opinion makes them district favorites. Union had a nice core returning and Gaither(which should have been there last year), nice combination.
  3. Christian County is the favorite, UHA and Hoptown are close behind. One gets eliminated in district play. North and Henderson can knock off any of them in right situation. I don't see anyone else winning the region.
  4. I will agree, the champion should come from the 8th district. But the right draw could produce an upset. I do not see someone pulling off back to back night upsets. If there is one, it will be on the opening round games. All 4 districts have interesting 2/3 games. No clear favorite in any of those matchups.
  5. Broadcaster it seems to me that in their last year West Hopkins was down 30 to Lyon County in the second half but came back to win. I will try to find out for sure, somewhere around 1995 I think.
  6. I am glad to see it. No one should be worried about the state going to classification, khsaa is not going in that direction at all. I read thru all the comments this morning and also read the article online about the Allen kid from Pendleton County. This was a great article, which addresses many issues in our state and high school basketball. The comment that stands out the most to me is someone said the 5 best from my school versus the 5 best from your school. That is what is used to be, even the article in the paper refers to how kids now move around, looking for an easier path to the state tournament. The kid at Bowling Green last year as an 8th grader now somewhere else. Times have changed and they are not going back to "my 5 best". It is now the best 5 I can put together this year at my school. Most schools that fall into this size group will be in favor of this tournament. And maybe there will be some of those games where 5 kids grew up together in one community and the same for their opponent. I attend the sweet 16 every year, and when you watch the teams play; you eventually hear someone around you talking about where the kids all came from, sad. And yes I know not all teams fall into that category, but it takes away from the tournament to me. Just like not having programs anymore at the sweet 16 takes away from it as well. Bottom line, if you like the idea, support it.
  7. There was a moment of silence held at Hopkins County Central before their boy girl doubleheader with Dawson Springs. Also this Friday night Central will travel to Madisonville and that game will be “wear orange” night.
  8. Yes, Ft. Campbell was at Hopkins Co. Central. Right in front of the Ft. Campbell bench.
  9. Guys you had to be there to appreciate it! As broadcaster said we lost it on the air. We tried to keep going the best we could, but we started getting texts as to what happened which during the broadcast even made it harder to do. This was late in the second quarter. During the halftime show we shared what we saw with our listeners and then all 3 refs came out to start the second half, and the game continued. Yes the visiting team's coach did have on a stocking cap on his head. As an old coaching friend told me years ago, never say you have seen it all.
  10. I have to agree with you on your assessment. I like to break it down in levels. Level 1- UHA and County. Level 2- Hoptown, Madisonville, and Henderson. Level 3- Webster, Hopkins Central, and Caldwell. Level 4 - Livingston, Union, and Trigg Level 5 The rest. Each team can defeat a team one level above them. Which means any team can lose to someone a level below them. It would be hard to see someone knocking off a team 2 levels above them. Actually, I really don't see anyone taking down the top 2, Hoptown may break into that group by district time. This week off probably has thrown everyone off and Hoptown may benefit from that. Next year Madisonville may be able to pull it off. I think they have the talent but it will still take a special effort to do so.
  11. Macdon it was great seeing you a couple weeks ago. Love the comments about the lights out performance by your wildcats as well! Good Luck next week!
  12. Lee James is the new coach. He was on the staff last year as an assistant. Coach Nelson left as a late hire principal. They have basically the same team coming back with some young help on the way.
  13. Webster County is 2A in football while Henderson County is 6A. The answer is obvious but no one, I say no one wants to change basketball format. It is time but not holding my breath.
  14. West Kentucky well represented with regions 1, 2, and 3 in the final 4.
  15. Refresh my memory but these are the same 4 teams that were in the final four last year? Henderson not as good as they were last year, Madisonville and Hopkins Central are both a little better, and Webster is just as good as they were last year? It should be a Henderson vs Madisonville final. But Kentucky should have beat Vandy.
  16. This game was never a question. Henderson just not the typical Henderson team, they had a decent season, but no match for County. To be honest, I don't see losing. Hopkinsville might want another shot at them but at this point in the season, I will not be surprised to see Webster beat Hoptown.
  17. I agree with broadcaster, they have a shot. Hopkinsville played county in district finals to 5. They cut it to 3 with 4 seconds left but committed an intentional foul which killed any hopes of overtime. But I really think it will be a rematch.
  18. Trigg Co. vs Caldwell Co. Christian Co. vs Henderson Co. Webster Co. vs Hopkinsville Madisonville North Hopkins vs Lyon Co.
  19. Graves vs Marshall Carlisle vs McCracken Murray vs Hickman Paducah Tilghman vs Mayfield
  20. 78-61. Paducah Tilghman gets the victory. Clark for Murray game high 21 points. For PT; Warfield, Hart, and McEwen all with 17+.
  21. 69-61 with just over a minute left. Tilghman holding on.
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