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War protesters ?


Should the protesters, or are they  

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  1. 1. Should the protesters, or are they

    • Should they keep quiet and back the USA ?
    • Are they traitors to the USA ?
    • They do not understand what is going on
    • They have a legitimate reason

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They have a right to protest no doubt, but we also have a right to ignore those ignorant snots.


I think they are some really misinformed people that have been brought up to distrust the American Government and people no matter what, and those people are joining up with ultra left wackoos, and legitmate peace loving but deluded folks to make alot of noise, but we have seen them before, during the Gulf war, during Viet Nam. The hippys, Communists, Socialists, Terrorists, get in front of the cameras the Democrats arrange for them. The Democratic leaders don't really believe in what they have to say, but they make sure the news stations are informed of when and where the rallies will be and the press is out in force for them because the Democrats have a political reason to protest war it makes the current Administration look bad. If a Democrat were in office we would not hear much protesting, after all Bill Clinton bombed Iraq after the Monica thing broke and you didn' t hear any protesting.


The best way to deal with these is to pat them on the head like the whining rich kids they usually are and ignore them, because that is what they hate most. Most of their parents didn't hug them enough as children, so they do this to get attention.

They aren't Traitors they have the right to complain, but we have the right to blow them off and ignore them too.

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I really can't understand people like that. I'm all for world peace, but do these protestors really think that Sadam Husseim is a peaceful man who is just going to sit back and enjoy life. Give me a break. The man is a threat to our very way of life and needs to be taken out of this world. I love my country and would be willing to die for it, and I support my President 100% and thank God for those men and women who protect and serve our country and put their life on the life for me and my family every day.

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Wow this is a huge surprise the Germans are backing a dictator that gases his own people because of religious differences, and the French happly go along with it because they fear military action, and the Germans, oh and they disagree with the Brits and have economic interest at stake. Who would have seen that coming?:rolleyes:

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a lot may not agree with my choice but i put they are traitors. they are protesting that we do not go to war with them but then again if something was to happen to the US like Iraq bombing something in the US those protesters would be the first ones saying "why in the world didnt we do anything to stop this from happening". my opinion but thats how i feel

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We live in a free democracy, the greatest nation on earth. We are fortunate to have an opportunity to disagree with what our government does and how it handles particular situations. Dissent is the highest form of flattery because it forces both sides to more closely examine what it is they are doing and why.


My country right or wrong. If it is right, support it. If it is wrong, make it right.

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I agree that they have the right to protest, but I also agree they are clueless! Do they think this is actually about oil as some say it is? If so then why did we not take over the Iraqi and Kuwaiti oil fields after Gulf War I? We had them in our hands yet we kindly gave them back to those counties. BTW, If it wasn't for the USA those oil fields would still be on fire thanks to Saddam's "scorch Earth" policy as we help cap them and prevent this environmental disaster from being much worse.


Let's not forget when the elite Republican Guard retreated they shot their own soldiers in the legs, why? Because they knew the US soldiers would stop to help, they used their own men to slow down the US troops, do these sound like just and sensible people? do these sound like people you would trust with biological, chemical weapons and nukes? Saddam has used biological and chemical weapons on his own people yet we are being told he is a reasonable man to deal with? HA! I promise you Saddam will do the same thing this time, plus blow up dams, deny food to his people to create a humanitarian crisis that the advancing US troops will have to deal with, to slow them down, and he is a reasonable man?


No one wants war, as most of these protesters would like us all to believe, but what would they rather have, a short Gulf War II, and finish the job the UN talked us out of 12 years ago? Or would they rather have another holocaust?


We had the same thing around the beginning of the US involvement of W.W.I and W.W.II, people saying it does not concern us, we need to mind our own business, But we had most of these people backing attacking Afghanistan after 9/11, How soon some forget.


I am sure that those Iraqi troops that were shot by their own superiors will remember how kind the US soldiers were to them, as well as the 1,000s of Iraqi troops that surrendered, after they had been told by their government that the USA is evil and our troops are like the devil and will have no mercy. Those Iraqis who seen the compassionate US troops will actually help the US troops when we do LIBERATE their country, (You here that France? remember when we LIBERATED your country?) the average Iraqi is being help hostage in their own country, but their own people and need our help, regardless of the weapons, we cannot just sit back and watch injustice in this world any longer.


These people need to look at the past to see what Saddam is doing, he is doing basically the same thing that Hitler did in the 30s and 40s.


Also, these countries like France, German and Belgium need to remember what Bush said, you are either with the USA, or you are with them ( terrorist, axis of evil).


Forget about the Axis of Evil, what about the Axis of Weasels? AKA France, Germany and Belgium. It is wasn't for the USA the French and Belgians would still be speaking German!


We do not need them anyway, going to war without France is like going deer hunting without an accordion, and going to war without the UN is like going skydiving without an anvil.




Okay, I am done.. for now :)

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Originally posted by red71

Wow this is a huge surprise the Germans are backing a dictator that gases his own people because of religious differences, and the French happly go along with it because they fear military action, and the Germans, oh and they disagree with the Brits and have economic interest at stake. Who would have seen that coming?:rolleyes:


Just to clarify something, Saddam is not in any way a religious fanatic nor did he gas his people to religious reasons. He gassed Kurdish villages because they supported Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. Saddam is as atheistic as they come. Nonetheless releasinv nerve agents and chemical weapons on a civilian population is criminal and should be punished.



I feel that the protesters have a right to voice their opinion, but I still believe that they do not have the slightest inclination as to what Saddam has done not only to soldiers that fought against Iraq, the Iranian soldiers who are still coughing up their lungs in hospitals to this day, and to his own people, the Kurds who will be cursed with birth defects for at least three generations due to the nerve agents released in their villages. :mad:

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