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  1. I hope to see the same effort on defense tonight and more polish and timing on Manual's offense, if so it will be a good night. No predictions on the outcome due to the fact I have not seen Fern Creek yet.
  2. That is terrible, good luck to his recovery.
  3. Tyler Hansbrough UNC - My wife heard his name like 20 times from Jay Billas and various ESPN folks the other night and looked at me and asked "Hasn't he played there for more than 4 years?" I said no they just talk about him so much it seems that way... And OMG the Dieners in CUSA...
  4. If Louisville is lucky Villanova missed fouls shots then Villanova is lucky because Louisville missed most all there three point shots that game. If Louisville got lucky that Sosa hit that shot Kentucky got lucky that they stole the in bounds pass from Clark a few seconds before. The Notre Dame game was either going to be a Louisville win at the end of regulation or OT and they went to OT so I would not call it lucky. Louisville was fortunate at times during those wins, but there is something to be said for raw desire and talent eeking out a win. Louisville has a lot of talent and are starting to come together but the Cards have a long way to go to be a dominate force. I hope the peak at the right time but I don't expect them to be dominating this month. Good luck to the Cats tonight I am hoping they beat Tennessee in Knoxville worst than Gonzaga.
  5. This is a good post, and I don't disagree that this can be so, but you can also have a situation where you play alot of average teams and winning a lot and then you run into the real deal and get killed. This schedule is good for a team in Manuals district because as long as you get one win in district then you are going to the playoffs, and after maybe one easy game you are going to have to face a row of very tough teams. Manual will be better off I believe playing a tough schedule and learning from them rather than collecting wins in the city. There are some really good teams in all classes and playing good teams will make or break a team.:thumb:
  6. From what I have seen this far I would have to think that St. X will be the favorite. But that is why we play these games.
  7. Yeah that is weird. Most transfers I knew of and there were not that many were over the summer not during the year, I knew of one baseball player who played for Trinity his freshman year and his dad lost his job and they could not pay for him to go there any more and the work study was not enough to cover so he transferred mid year and then sat out one season but I am not sure about the specific case you are talking about. Transfers were few and far between in my day though.
  8. No it is because the price increase caused too big a hit on the front end.
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