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  1. I liked how fast we were able to score this game. The fouls will temperdown as the season progresses. I like what I saw out of Swop and Delk tonight. So far every game has revealed a different strength about this team.
  2. I thought you guys started your season against Morehead?
  3. To comment of a few different points... I believe St X will roll through with ease. They are that much better than everyone else. St X stadium is great if you sit on the home side. Being a visitor it is not a good experience at all if the visitor bring a crowd. The standing views are bad and the seats fill up very quickly. Manual was defiantly on a down year this season. They were not as talented as they have been most years. They play well and always have under coach Nichols but they were shy of any star power, or at least in comparison to years before.
  4. While I'm with you in the "waiting to see..." from Swopshire I came away impressed with his work off the offensive glass in the Bellarmine game. Offensively that might end up being his game, to work from the boards, which might be all we need with this team. On def I wonder if he has the body of a four to play in the Big East
  5. Arkansas scored 130 point vs Alcorn St in thier opener, but lets not forget that the Razorbacks are missing four players due to suspension. I expect the Cards to win handily due to there ability to put on the defensive pressure.
  6. http://www.tristateinternetsports.com/player.html and a link at manualfootball.com
  7. No, UofL fans are humored by the rediculous claims and expectations you have about your new coach and new players. Expectations should be competing for the conference title and earning a 4 seed or better in the tourney, not undefeated regular seasons, Final Fours, and bringing UofL into NAIA status. There is nothing wrong with being excited, but your expectations are built on scouts and highschool play. Beat UCONN and North Carolina then I'll be concerned, until you actually prove something your hype is just hype.
  8. Both X and T have around 1500 boys. A point I might add. It wouldn't matter if Boone Co had 3000 boys if they didn't have 100+ freshman football players (nearly all with previous playing experience) showing up at the beginning of every season. If they (or anybody for that matter) begins to do that then they will compete, until then I think competing with X and T will be very very difficult.
  9. UK fans questioning Knowles are going to eat their words. Wall and Bledsoe haven't seen the type of defensive pressure Preston brings to the table, few players in America play as hard and a determined as he does.
  10. Manual really isn't that fast. I also think the Butler game was played in bad weather by two coaches that know each other as former assistants on the same staff, I wouldn't make too much by comparative scores. Manual's d is geared to stop the run so it should be a good one.
  11. I'm shocked that Manual could score 50 and shocked they could give up 39. Weird.
  12. This the first time in my memory that the NKY teams have played our (Manual StX Butler PRP) district in the playoffs. As a whole I think District 3 is down from there usual strength so it may be a good year for the NKY'ers. Manual has never played very well after losing to Male, I think the let down has a big psychological effect on the team. I still believe in Manual's defense and believe they have played a much stronger schedule to be plenty prepared for whatever Conner has to offer. I expect Manual to win but really won't be shocked by any outcome ranging from blowout win to blowout lo
  13. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/mensbasketball/2009-11-04-kentucky-cover_N.htm "They had the same buzz two years ago," Louisville athletics director Tom Jurich says. "Remember when they were recruiting eighth-graders?" I love Jurich:lol:
  14. I went to the game last night and was happy with Louisville's performance. Siva is very exciting to watch and Pitino made reference to keeping Knowles in the starting lineup because he likes his nose for scoring. If Jerry Smith (who I like as a player) doesn't step it up I would be suprised to see Sosa and Siva play together with Knowles as the third guard.
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